CSI's UniFormat
CSI's UniFormat

CSI's UniFormat

The information below is organized using CSI’s UniFormat


10 Project Description

20 Owner Development

30 Procurement Requirements

40 Contracting Requirements

A Substructure

A10 Foundations

A20 Subgrade Enclosures

A40 Slabs-on-Grade

A60 Water and Gas Mitigation

A90 Substructure Related Activities

B Shell

B10 Superstructure

B20 Exterior Vertical Enclosures

B30 Exterior Horizontal Enclosures

C Interiors

C10 Interior Construction

C20 Interior Finishes

D Services

D10 Conveying

D20 Plumbing

D30 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

D40 Fire Protection

D50 Electrical

D60 Communications

D70 Electronic Safety and Security

D80 Integrated Automation

E Equipment and Furnishings

E10 Equipment

E20 Furnishings

F Special Construction and Demolition

F10 Special Construction

F20 Facility Remediation

F30 Demolition

G Sitework

G10 Site Preparation

G20 Site Improvements

G30 Liquid and Gas Site Utilities

G40 Electrical Site Improvements

G50 Site Communications

G90 Miscellaneous Site Construction

Z General

Z10 General Requirements

Z10190.10.01 Building Envelope Commissioning ( By James Bochat, LEED-AP, of Cx Concepts) NEED THIS

Z70 Taxes, Permits, Insurance and Bonds

Z90 Fees and Contingencies

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