February 9th CSI Meeting - The process of specifying high traffic (slip resistance) floor systems

February 9th CSI Meeting - The process of specifying high traffic (slip resistance) floor systems

February 9th CSI Meeting - The process of specifying high traffic (slip resistance) floor systems
Thursday, February 9, 2023 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm
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8222 S. 48th Street Suite 175
Phoenix, AZ 85044
Phone: 602 819-8813

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Mark A. Ramos

Mark A. Ramos – President AZ Traction Flooring

I am Mark A. Ramos, WACH/ President of AZ Traction Flooring.AZ Traction Flooring is an experienced company that specializes in the installation of high traffic (slip resistance) floor systems. I am also a Walkway Auditor Certificate Holder trained to measure the Coefficient of Friction of walk way surfaces.  

What’s Next!

AZ Traction Flooring became an Arizona State Licensed Registrar Contractor. We joined safety organizations and traveled the U.S. and Canada attending seminars that pertain high traffic (slip resistance) to floor systems. Since then, we have been introduced to many challenging projects. We serve many industries where our customers depend on us and understand the value we bring.

Listed are a few industries that I serve as an industry advisor: 

  • I was appointed as the chairman of the technical committee for the CSI’s Phoenix- Arizona chapter
  • Our scope of work includes working with architects and construction management companies to specify high traffic (slip resistance) floors.      
  • AZ Traction Flooring and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Durham School of Architectural, Engineering, and Construction have formed a partnership to develop a new MIL-SPEC compliance standard for measuring the Coefficient of Friction, and, develop high traffic (slip resistance floors) for the US Military.        
  • I serve as an Industry advisor for the Arizona State University Del Webb’s School of Construction in Indian Country.           
  • I serve on the advisory board for Sonoran Pueblo Construction Company (Pascua Yaqui Tribe)             
  • I serve an Industry advisor for the Latino Food Industry Association.       
  • I serve on the education committee for the Tortilla Industry Association.              
  • I work with flooring manufacturers to certify and measure the Coefficient of Friction of their floor systems.       
  • I have been a guest speaker at the Arizona Department of Occupational Safety and Health Administration Safety Summits to present information on the prevention of slip, trip and falls on hard surfaces.      

Program Description:

The process of specifying high traffic (slip resistance) floor systems.

After working in the field as a walk way auditor, I immediately recognized, if the Coefficient of Friction of a walk way surfaces failed to meet the minimum requirements, the clients would search the internet for floor materials that will enhance the Coefficient of Friction. AZ Traction Flooring has developed a process that is proven when specifying and installing slip resistance floor systems.

Educational Objectives:

  • Know you're concrete
  • How to interrupt manufactures product data sheets
  • How to specify the appropriate floor system for the environment (transition from one location to another)
  • The compliance standard
  • Pre and Post compliance audit's
  • Disclaimer

Contact Bobbi Jo Huskey 602-390-3599 or bobbijo@partitionsco.com for additional information.

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