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"WHAT, you may ask, does this have to do with CSI??"?

Many major commercial entities ‘consolidate’ through acquisition of competitors or enter new markets, both domestically and globally, using similar methods. Major design and construction firms follow suit and grow through acquisition. In pursuit of, and responsibility... Read more


It’s still December, SO, Merry Christmas! 

We had a wonderful Holiday Dinner at the Stockyards Restaurant, earlier this month. It was a great way to ‘Kick-off’ the Holidays and a good reminder that CSI is more than our work in the construction industry. 

I have often told others, not familiar... Read more

“Time to be Thankful”

 It’s already November! the month that we set a day aside to give Thanks for our blessings. 

I believe we have much to be thankful for and believe that we should give Thanks each, and every, day. 

I was pleased, and thankful, for information we received from Institute regarding... Read more

The new Volunteer Portal was launched this Fall. This new application allows CSI members to register year-round, for clear, specific opportunities. Apply at in the Volunteer Opportunities section. Check it out here: Read more

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