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Its hard to believe it; weve almost wrapped up another successful year for the Phoenix Chapter. Although I didnt accomplish all that I wanted to while president, the Chapter did have several successful accomplishments this past year:

We hosted the 2008 Southwest Region Conference. Not only did host it, but due to the change in timing, we... Read more


There are thousands of books, websites, and other sources available for the sole purpose of making you a better person. They focus on topics ranging from weight control to increasing self-confidence to overcoming shyness. But, the type of self-improvement Im highlighting is professional-based; Im... Read more

What Does CSI Do For You?

Ive been hearing it for some time now_companies are cutting back due to the downturn in construction. In turn, the cutbacks frequently include company-funded memberships in professional organizations such as the Construction Specifications Institute. If youre like me, you probably belong to... Read more

A Chapter on the Verge of a Crisis?

Is the Chapter having money-related problems? No, the Chapter is financially sound. Is the Chapter losing members at an alarming rate? No, the Chapter has seen a healthy increase in new members these past few months. So, what is it? What could possibly push the Phoenix Chapter into a... Read more

Happy New Year!

I hope you all enjoyed the past holiday season by taking some time off to be with family and friends. However, as we make this move into a new year, we come even closer to the date for the Southwest Region Conference. Plans are coming together and detailed information should be sent out to Chapter and... Read more

The Chapter Holiday Party

Its hard to believe that were approaching the halfway point of the Chapters fiscal year. But,with this milestone is the Chapters annual holiday party. This year were continuing the party program we developed last year, which proved to be a great success. The schedule includes a cocktail hour and... Read more

Going, going, gone

This past month we said farewell to longtime Phoenix Chapter member Bob Sears. Arriving in Phoenix in 1988 from Seattle, Bob, who was active in his former chapter, immediately joined the Phoenix chapter. But Bob didnt sit still; he became active in the Phoenix Chapter as newsletter editor and,... Read more

Well, I think were off to a great start for the year. We had 69 in attendance at our first meeting of the year last month_and there were plenty of new faces. This year has some new changes and significant events for the Chapter. The first of which is the new meeting location_

New Meeting Location

The renovation of... Read more

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