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How many of you regularly read The Construction Specifier magazine that each member receives every month? Most Architectural Product Representatives Im sure read articles on their companys products (and their competitors) when they appear. Most Contractors Im sure read articles that pertain to projects that they are planning or have currently... Read more

It was great seeing all the CSI Phoenix members who participated in the Trade Show at the AIA State Conference this past week. I think all will agree that the show was a success.

As I circulated throughout the room though a problem surfaced that I would like to discuss.

Right after entering the room I stopped at a booth and, after... Read more

Greetings all CSI Phoenix Chapter Members and welcome to what we hope will be an enjoyable year for us all, both business wise and socially as well. I hope you all have had a great summer. Those of you who were able to get away to a cooler climate during what was the hottest July on record in Phoenix are the envy of those of us who stayed here... Read more

Celebrating the Power of a Team and a Dream

I can honestly say that no leader has ever won a battle single-handed. No company, even Arcadia has ever produced a first-class product without first-class people and providers. We celebrate the tradition and power of bold thinking, collaboration and diversity. History proves... Read more

Where's The Beef.....

These days, businesses are focusing more and more on the bottom line and their mere existence. This needs to be true about our chapter as well, not in terms of profit, but in terms of product. The best intentions and the kindest hearts in the world mean nothing unless positive action follows. We... Read more

A Chapter With A ÏPURPOSE" ... WOW!

The concept of "purpose," even the word itself, is something held in high regard by many, perhaps even most. Some describe purpose as giving them a general direction for their lives, while others even go so far as to allow it to prioritize the key choices required in their day-to-day... Read more


If you are a designer who wants to prepare clear drawings and project specifications to ensure that you give your clients exactly what they want, if you are a contractor who wants to submit the bids that win jobs, if you are a building product manufacturer or representative who wants to have your product... Read more

Accountability and Delivery Methods

Wouldn't you think, just a little touch of personal accountability, we could have avoided a good chunk of this financial cluster of a problem that is affecting every single one of us. So what do think? Don't you think it is about time that CSI truly starts to embrace the various... Read more

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