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I came across an interesting article recently in Building Design Construction magazine that I would like to share with everyone. The article is actually the editorial by Robert Cassidy from the March 2012 edition. Mr. Cassidy didnt include any organizational initials behind his name, so I dont know if he is a member of CSI, AIA or any other... Read more

If you havent noticed, Institute has made a big push the last few weeks regarding certification. Several articles and blog posts have appeared in CSI Weekly. The exams will be held in April. Sheldon Wolfe took a different approach in his article titled Ï3 reasons to not get certified. The three reasons include: Youre irreplaceable, you have a... Read more

Hopefully, many of you were able to attend the January monthly meeting. We had a change of program since the original speaker was called out of state. We were able to have Mike Jackson fill in and speak on ÏA Paradigm Shift The Future of Specifications? I was unable to attend but was able to sit with him the next day and also get a copy of the... Read more

As we start the new year how many of you identified one or more New Years resolutions? Hopefully you havent broken any of them by the time you read this article. One of mine will be trying to get the Presidents Message to the newsletter editor before the deadline each month!

As we ended 2011, many of you should have received an email... Read more

It amazes me when this time of year rolls around as to where the rest of the year went! I guess thats part of getting older. So with that in mind I will keep this message short so everyone can get back to shopping for gifts, getting the holiday decorations and tree out and up, addressing the cards, sitting back with a cup of holiday spirit or... Read more

The main portion of this months message comes from an article written by Mike Young, President of the CSI Denver Chapter. CSI Institute had noticed the article on the CSI Denvers blog and reprinted it in the CSI Weekly dated October 4, 2011. Tim Garver saw the article and alerted me before I had even received the CSI Weekly by email.

... Read more

[caption id="attachment_296" align="alignleft" width="218"] Southwest Region Attendees[/caption]

We had great representation from the Phoenix Chapter at Construct 2011 with thirteen individuals and if we count Ron Geren who had... Read more

Drum roll please _ Teri Hands status with CSI will be elevated to a Fellow at Construct 2011 in Chicago!

This will be a great event for Teri as well the Chapter, but what does it mean? I was curious about this award, its history, its meaning, its members and our local chapter members who have been able to place FCSI after their names.... Read more

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