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It’s October already! It rolls around so quickly, it’s scary! I guess it’s a good month to be scared, but it too will be over before we know it!

As I write this, I am getting ready to head to CONSTRUCT 2018, in Long Beach. I hope you will be attending as well. If you couldn’t make it this year, PLEASE... Read more

Tom Wandrie, Deputy Director Planning and Development Department Inspections Division, discusses the adoption process that the City of Phoenix uses including how the new codes are implemented and communicated to the development community, what new codes were adopted including code requirements and amendments that are specific to Phoenix.

... Read more

“Broaden Our Reach”

Welcome Back! We're fortunate that each September, we get a Fresh Start and a whole new year (well, at least ten months) to make a difference. This is my second term, although not consecutively, as Chapter President. In the intervening time; I was able to consider what I could do differently, in a... Read more

By Roland Serino, P.E., Dryvit Systems Inc. for publication by CSI 7/30/2018.

There has always been a need for a more efficient way to build in large cities like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles or other central business districts. The tight quarters on construction sites in such places put operating and materials storage... Read more

By Dean Moilanen, Director of Architectural Services, Noble Company for publication by CSI 7/21/2018.

I call Las Vegas the Petri dish of waterproofing because Las Vegas has more hotel rooms (over 160K) than any city in the country. With demanding, fast-track construction schedules and streaks of stubborn "wild west"... Read more

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