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Where's The Beef.....

These days, businesses are focusing more and more on the bottom line and their mere existence. This needs to be true about our chapter as well, not in terms of profit, but in terms of product. The best intentions and the kindest hearts in the world mean nothing unless positive action follows. We... Read more

A Chapter With A ÏPURPOSE" ... WOW!

The concept of "purpose," even the word itself, is something held in high regard by many, perhaps even most. Some describe purpose as giving them a general direction for their lives, while others even go so far as to allow it to prioritize the key choices required in their day-to-day... Read more


If you are a designer who wants to prepare clear drawings and project specifications to ensure that you give your clients exactly what they want, if you are a contractor who wants to submit the bids that win jobs, if you are a building product manufacturer or representative who wants to have your product... Read more

Accountability and Delivery Methods

Wouldn't you think, just a little touch of personal accountability, we could have avoided a good chunk of this financial cluster of a problem that is affecting every single one of us. So what do think? Don't you think it is about time that CSI truly starts to embrace the various... Read more

Let The Sun Shine In

Fenestration and daylighting work hand in hand. To elevate and enrich the human experience is the power of architecture. Connecting us to daily life, clarifying our relationship with one another and to the realities of place and time is also a huge roll served by architecture.

So it is safe to... Read more


In this glorious Age of the Information Revolution, design professionals are clamoring to explore all the gizmos and gadgets that could assist them with the delivery of better design methods and particularly understanding and incorporating code-compliant design provisions... Read more


I don't know whether to run like you know what or embrace this new technology. Will BIM be the death of design? Or will it free designers to enrich the creative process? Is it trueÓwill we see fewer change orders? Will it ease collaboration, enhancing the overall project quality?

All I know is that it... Read more

Interesting twist, wouldn't you say ? There is no question times are changing. The construction industry is constantly changing as new materials come on the market, new applications are found for existing materials, and construction techniques and delivery methods continue to evolve.

The "do more with less" business outlook of our times... Read more

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