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Let The Sun Shine In

Fenestration and daylighting work hand in hand. To elevate and enrich the human experience is the power of architecture. Connecting us to daily life, clarifying our relationship with one another and to the realities of place and time is also a huge roll served by architecture.

So it is safe to... Read more


In this glorious Age of the Information Revolution, design professionals are clamoring to explore all the gizmos and gadgets that could assist them with the delivery of better design methods and particularly understanding and incorporating code-compliant design provisions... Read more


I don't know whether to run like you know what or embrace this new technology. Will BIM be the death of design? Or will it free designers to enrich the creative process? Is it trueÓwill we see fewer change orders? Will it ease collaboration, enhancing the overall project quality?

All I know is that it... Read more

Interesting twist, wouldn't you say ? There is no question times are changing. The construction industry is constantly changing as new materials come on the market, new applications are found for existing materials, and construction techniques and delivery methods continue to evolve.

The "do more with less" business outlook of our times... Read more

Its hard to believe it; weve almost wrapped up another successful year for the Phoenix Chapter. Although I didnt accomplish all that I wanted to while president, the Chapter did have several successful accomplishments this past year:

We hosted the 2008 Southwest Region Conference. Not only did host it, but due to the change in timing, we... Read more


There are thousands of books, websites, and other sources available for the sole purpose of making you a better person. They focus on topics ranging from weight control to increasing self-confidence to overcoming shyness. But, the type of self-improvement Im highlighting is professional-based; Im... Read more

What Does CSI Do For You?

Ive been hearing it for some time now_companies are cutting back due to the downturn in construction. In turn, the cutbacks frequently include company-funded memberships in professional organizations such as the Construction Specifications Institute. If youre like me, you probably belong to... Read more

A Chapter on the Verge of a Crisis?

Is the Chapter having money-related problems? No, the Chapter is financially sound. Is the Chapter losing members at an alarming rate? No, the Chapter has seen a healthy increase in new members these past few months. So, what is it? What could possibly push the Phoenix Chapter into a... Read more

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