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Another month into our year has slipped past again, to which we have been fortunate enough to have started on the right foot this year with the successful Halloween bowling event held last month at MAVRIX, of which our success was made via our sponsors who are energized by our Let’s Build It Girls Summer Camp program, of which there may be a... Read more

The following is an outline for the 35 minute podcast with Arcadia wall systems. Please tune in for the detailed conversation or reach out to Brooke Montelongo ( or Ken Martinek (... Read more

Hello fellow Phoenix Chapter members,

I write this quarters President’s letter as I prepare to exit this operational year and make way for our new President, Byron Bargas. Byron comes to the table with extensive experience at the general contracting level as well as work on several large commercial projects here in Arizona. Byron is an... Read more


Please check out the podcast to hear this in-depth interview

What are the advantages in working with a manufacturers rep when managing a Division hardware 8 project spec? What type of design documents are consultants... Read more

“Happy Spring” CSI Phoenix Chapter members!

Well, can you believe it?......Spring is here and we are in the home stretch of ending the first quarter of the new year…..WOW how time flies!!!

This past week, CSI Phoenix Chapter held its annual “member” appreciation event/dinner.  Attendees enjoyed an evening of conversation and some... Read more

Name:  Lisa Barnard

Position Title:  Senior Manager Marketing Activation & Sustainability

Company:  GCP Applied Technologies

Join Date:  Joined CSI Phoenix:  03/2019


Brief description of professional career... Read more

Greetings CSI Phoenix Chapter members!

I hope everyone is off to a strong start to the new year.  I know you all were as happy as I was to watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve and put another challenging year to bed.  All while visualizing the hopes of a “return to normalcy” as we welcomed 2022.  CDC indicators conclude we should reach... Read more

Name: Bobbi Jo Huskey

Position Title: Architectural & Marketing Representative

Company: Partitions & Accessories, Co.

Join Date: Joined CSI Phoenix: 09/2010


Provide a brief description of professional... Read more