October 8th CSI Meeting - Mine Subsidence: Cause, Effect, Mitigation

October 8th CSI Meeting - Mine Subsidence: Cause, Effect, Mitigation


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October 8th CSI Meeting - Mine Subsidence: Cause, Effect, Mitigation
Thursday, October 8, 2020 - 11:30am to 1:00pm
Papago Golf Course
5595 E. Karsten
Phoenix, AZ 85008


Dr. Jerry Marino

Dr. Jerry Marino

Dr. Gennaro G. Marino received his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering in 1985, from the University of Illinois. His thesis topic was related to mine subsidence and structural response to subsidence over room and pillar mines. Dr. Marino presently has a P.E. license in 27 states.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Marino has authored over 100 articles and publications on subsidence engineering topics. In 2015, Dr. Marino received Distinguished Alumnus Award from the Civil and Environmental Engineering Alumni Association of the University of Illinois. In 2013, The Academy of Geo-Professionals (AGP) of ASCE recognized Dr. Marino as a Diplomate Geotechnical Engineer (D.GE) for his superior expertise and experience, strong ethics, commitment to life-long learning and continued professional development in the field of Geotechnical Engineering. In 2011, Dr. Marino was selected as the Central Illinois, ASCE Civil Engineer of the Year. Marino Engineering Associates, Inc. was chosen as 1st runner-up for the Central Illinois, ASCE Civil Engineering Project of the Year for 2010.

Working in the area of mine subsidence for over 40 years in various ore fields in the U.S., Dr. Marino has researched and consulted on all aspects of subsidence engineering with government agencies, engineering and architectural firms, surface owners, as well as pipeline, insurance and mining companies. His work includes planning, mining and abandonment stages of room and pillar to high extraction workings, as well as related cause and origin investigations.

Program Description:

This presentation covers key aspects of mine subsidence engineering, a subject that is not well understood,
and embraces a number of engineering disciplines. It focuses on the causes of mine subsidence and how mine stability relates to the resulting ground movements. Different mining and geologic conditions determine the mode of failure of the mine. The mode of mine failure in turn affects the resulting
subsidence movement. Prediction of subsidence and damage potential are also key aspects of subsidence engineering. Examples of expected subsidence damage as well as mine stabilization will be shown. This presentation will be presented in a manner that will be understandable to anyone that would be interested in learning more about mine subsidence.

Educational objectives:

  • To know when there is a mine subsidence risk on a construction site.
  • How mine subsidence results.
  • How to assess damage from mine subsidence.
  • How to mitigate the risk of mine subsidence.


11:30 AM Introductions / Chapter Business
12:00 PM Presentation
12:50 PM Closing Remarks

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Papago Golf Course
5595 E. Karsten
Phoenix, AZ 85008

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