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Technical Resources

President's Message - Ed Galindo

President’s Message, March 2019


March is a very ‘transitional’ month. 

Although Arizona, being a ‘Maverick’ state, does not observe Daylight Savings Time, we still make adjustments to our schedules to accommodate the rest of the country, that does! 

You have probably heard the saying, “March comes in like a Lion and goes out like a Lamb,” referring to the weather. Well, it seems like we are experiencing that here in the Valley, unlike the recent past. At least the Lion part, so far! 

Of course, the vernal equinox is also a part of March and with it come longer days! It goes without saying that we will soon be facing those ‘triple digit’ days! It does seem that we did not have the typical Phoenix ‘winter’ that all the ‘snowbirds’ come here to share. 

President’s Message, February 2019

"WHAT, you may ask, does this have to do with CSI??"?

Many major commercial entities ‘consolidate’ through acquisition of competitors or enter new markets, both domestically and globally, using similar methods. Major design and construction firms follow suit and grow through acquisition. In pursuit of, and responsibility for, profitability, there is little tolerance within these entities for variance or accommodation of alternatives. As I noted above, products and materials have been developed to accommodate installation in a broad range of climatic environments. So, faux stone is equally ‘at home’ in northern Minnesota as it is in southwestern Arizona! Which begs the question, “ Just because we can, Should we?”

President’s Message, November 2018

“Time to be Thankful”

 It’s already November! the month that we set a day aside to give Thanks for our blessings. 

I believe we have much to be thankful for and believe that we should give Thanks each, and every, day. 

I was pleased, and thankful, for information we received from Institute regarding Continuing Education. If you read the Region update from our Region’s liaison to Institute, Jori Smith (Institute Director for the Southwest Region); she advised us that CSI is now an “AIA CEU provider.” This translates into a considerable savings for our Chapter, since the Chapters will not need to shoulder the increased program costs that the AIA is implementing, starting in 2019, as we had anticipated. 

President’s Message, October 2018


It’s October already! It rolls around so quickly, it’s scary! I guess it’s a good month to be scared, but it too will be over before we know it!

As I write this, I am getting ready to head to CONSTRUCT 2018, in Long Beach. I hope you will be attending as well. If you couldn’t make it this year, PLEASE start planning to attend next year. Although the location for next year’s CONSTRUCT hasn’t yet been announced (they usually announce it at the end of the convention) I am certain it will be a place you will enjoy. More importantly it will be a place where you will be exposed to a lot of new and informative material that will enhance your day-to-day work and capabilities, regardless of the industry segment you work in.

President’s Message, May 2016

The May Chapter meeting is the last “formal’ Chapter meeting of the year. I hope to see you there.

My time as the Chapter President is quickly drawing to an end. Two more meetings and I will hand over the gavel to the incoming President Bobbi Jo Huskey. Seeing as I have another month, I’ll save my final thoughts for next month.

In the interim, I’ll expound on (i.e. bore you) one of my pet topics, Equality. In specifications it’s the notorious “or equal” clause.

President’s Message, April 2016


First, this message should be posted before our Chapter meeting in April, so I will ask you to please attend as we will be electing a new Board. PLEASE VOTE. Better yet, volunteer to run for an office or volunteer to participate on a Committee.

Last month, I asked if you had voted.

(I specifically noted that I meant in the CSI national elections.)

This month, my request has meaning beyond CSI.

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