Technical Committee Meeting, Latest Industry Trends in Concrete

Technical Committee Meeting, Latest Industry Trends in Concrete

Feb 18, 2021, Technical Committee Meeting
Latest Industry Trends in Concrete presented by Lisa Barnard

Concrete is the material of choice for the tallest buildings in the world and infrastructure designed to last centuries. To meet demands for these cutting-edge projects, concrete must be stronger, more durable and more workable than ever before. During our meeting we explored how new products, manufacturing methods and research are developing innovative concretes to meet these new challenges. Bendable concrete, smog eating concrete and carbon capture are just a few examples of new technologies enhancing a product that is nearly 5,000 years in development.

We reviewed

  • New technologies used in concrete manufacturing.
  • How innovative concrete products can improve project performance.
  • How to implement the latest concrete innovations in building and infrastructure projects.
  • The importance of incorporating new technologies to enhance resilience and sustainability in the built environment.

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