Recommended Levels of Finish for GypsumWallboard

Recommended Levels of Finish for GypsumWallboard

Submitted by Jim Nisted, Dryvit Systems, Inc. for publication by CSI 1/26/2017
Originally published on Technical Services Information Bureau in February, 2011.

Recommended Levels of Finish for GypsumWallboard

The intent of this document is to provide clarification and assist architects, designers, specifiers, and interior contractors in understanding the different levels of interior finish for gypsum wallboard prior to final decoration, where these levels of finish should be used, and what their limitations are. The levels of finish can range from "0" (no treatment) to "5" (multiple coats). Generally the higher the level (number), the better the concealment is. The architect/designer typically specifies the level(s) of finish for the project that may include different levels on the same project.

Additional reference standard for the finishing of gypsum wallboard can be found in the GA-214 (Gypsum Association). For judging the final decoration of a gypsum wallboard surface, please refer to TSIB Technical Bulletin 30.101

Because there are a number of primers, sealers, paints, methods of applications, job site conditions, adhesive tapes, etc., it is recommended that a mock-up panel (or room) be constructed, evaluated and accepted by all responsible parties for aesthetic appearance and durability before any production decorating is started (responsibility of the architect & general contractor). The mock-up should remain intact until the project is completed.

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