Presidents Message January 2010 Jay Norton, CSI

Presidents Message January 2010 Jay Norton, CSI


Well its goodbye to the Oughts (or as some say, the Naughts). Time Magazine even called it ÏThe Decade from Hell. We all know too well all the bad things that happened this past decade but I would prefer that each of us look back and reflect upon all the good things that happened. To start off with the Y2K disaster never happened; the World didnt come to an end as several groups predicted; the Red Sox finally one a World Series as did our new Diamondbacks; the Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl; Bernie Madoff was put behind bars for 150 years; gasoline did not stay at $4.00 per gallon; we did not go into a cataclysmic Depression, etc, etc.

On a more local note, if our CSI Christmas Party was any indication we are going to have a great 2010. If you were unable to attend you missed a great one! Many thanks to the Rehse Family; Jill for setting up a great location and food at the Moon Valley Country Club; Louise and Jill for taking care of all the reservations and check-ins the night of the party; Jill for delivering all our donations to Packages From Home; and to the guy with the nametag ÏLouises Husband for helping to load all the donations in to Jills SUV. Kudos and thanks to Arcadia (Ken Martinek) for sponsoring the evenings entertainment. Everyone enjoyed the music and I believe we ought to have him back again at a future CSI event, he was fantastic! Last but certainly not least, thanks to all CSI members who donated to Packages From Home. Your donations helped make the Holiday Season happier for our servicemen spending this time away from home in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Again I want each of you to reflect on the good things that happened to you and yours this past decade. I went over my personal list today and I can include: I worked for three great firms, BPLW, ART and HDR. I was able to be a part of teams that designed some wonderful buildings that have enhanced our living environment and worked with absolutely fantastic professionals, both in Architecture and the business of Product Representation. I could not have developed successful Specifications without your expertise and support. Also I was fortunate to see both of my children married and present Ellen and I with 4 healthy grandchildren. Our son has safely served three tours ÏDown Range as they say, in Afghanistan.

I suggest each of you look at your positives and negatives and I believe you will find the positives will outweigh those events on the negative side.

So, on to 2010. The economy is turning around and I truly feel that this next year will be a good one.

One last statement/request: Those of us who are doing well should continue to help those who have been less fortunate, whether it is your favorite charity or another member of CSI. When you hear of a job that needs the services or expertise of one of your fellow Product Reps, call them up. Networking not only means socializing at a CSI meeting, it means continued contact throughout the work week/month/year. Remember the statements, ÏWhat goes around, comes around and Ï Be nice to the people on the way up because they are the same people you will meet on the way down.

Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR, and I hope to see you at our monthly meetings.

Jay Norton, CSI

CSI Phoenix Chapter President

CSI Southwest Region

CSI Insitute