President's Message January 2008 Ronald Geren, CSI

President's Message January 2008 Ronald Geren, CSI

Happy New Year!

I hope you all enjoyed the past holiday season by taking some time off to be with family and friends. However, as we make this move into a new year, we come even closer to the date for the Southwest Region Conference. Plans are coming together and detailed information should be sent out to Chapter and Region members within a week or two.

Also with this new year comes a couple of significant changes for CSI:

  • Computer-based CDT exams


CONSTRUCT is the new name for the Annual CSI Show. In a move to control the cost of organizing the Show every year, CSI has turned the reins of this big event over to a company that specializes in organizing events of this size. CSI will be the major sponsor, but the format and content of the trade show and educational seminars will be under the management of Hanley-Wood. The CSI Annual Convention will still be held in conjunction with the annual CONSTRUCT event.

The decision to take this route was announced by the Institute at the 2006 Show and Convention in Baltimore. Although there has been some skepticism in the CSI membership, I have a feeling that this decision will have a positive impact on CSI. My reason, you ask? Well, I hate to admit it, but CSI does not have the appeal to architects that other major events have, such as the AIA Expo or Greenbuild; so, labeling it ÏThe CSI Show may turn many away. Just think of some famous products that have failed because of its name (Does ÏEdsel come to mind?). I feel that CONSTRUCT will appeal to many people outside of CSI; and once they attend and see what it can provide, they will hopefully go home with a positive image of CSI due to its overwhelming presence at CONSTRUCT--maybe even return as a member.

This years event (CONSTRUCT2008) will be held in Las Vegas, June 3-6. For more information, go to the CONSTRUCT website at

Computer-Based CDT Exams

CSI has finally moved into the 21st Century with computer-based testing for the Construction Documents Technology (CDT) certificate exam. Unlike other computer-based exams offered by many other programs, the CDT exam is only offered within a fixed time period, March 31st through April 5th. Registration for the 2008 exam closes February 29th. Paper exams will still be offered at CONSTRUCT2008.

Exams for CSIs certification programs (CCS, CCCA, and CCPR) are still paper-based, but computer-based exams are being considered depending on the performance of the CDT. Registration for these exams also closes on February 29th, but the test date is only on April 5th.

To register for an exam, go to CSI Certification.

The Phoenix Chapter will hold a 3-day CDT course in March. Exact dates will be announced soon.

If you have your CDT and would be interested in teaching one of the modules at the CDT course in March, contact me at (602) 569-9645 or email This is a great opportunity for members to get involved in the Chapter and hone their speaking and teaching skills.

Also in March: Board Elections

Just a reminder, in March the Chapter will hold its elections for new board positions. This is an excellent opportunity for those members who have an interest in expanding their involvement in the Chapter. Positions that will be open for nominations are:

  • 2nd Vice President (Open to Professional members)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Professional Director (2008-2010)
  • Industry Director (2008-2010)

If you have an interest in a position, but would like additional information about what the positions duties entail, either contact the incumbent or me. A formal nomination committee will be established this month, so a decision to run for a position is not required immediately, but this is a good time to start thinking about it and become fully informed.

Ronald L. Geren, CSI, CCS, CCCA, AIA, SCIP

Phoenix Chapter President


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