President's Message February 2008 Ronald Geren, CSI

President's Message February 2008 Ronald Geren, CSI

A Chapter on the Verge of a Crisis?

Is the Chapter having money-related problems? No, the Chapter is financially sound. Is the Chapter losing members at an alarming rate? No, the Chapter has seen a healthy increase in new members these past few months. So, what is it? What could possibly push the Phoenix Chapter into a crisis?

Its Chapter leadership. Up until a few days ago we had no person in the position of president-elect to assume the position of president this July. Well announce the name of the candidate at the February meeting--I believe youll be happy with the selection. Although finding that person has addressed our immediate need, it hasnt addressed the underlying problem that seems to be growing: the decline in members seeking leadership positions in the Chapter. A chapter without leadership is like the proverbial boat without a rudder.

It has been Chapter tradition to bring in president-candidates at the 2nd vice president position so they can learn about Chapter and Institute policies and procedures as they progress up the leadership ladder. However, starting the presidential ladder at that level and working their way up (through 1st VP, president-elect, president, and then past president) essentially requires a five-year commitment on the Chapters board--a substantial chunk of time by any measure. For those willing to do it, my hats off to you.

But, there are times when life changes for people, for better or worse, making it difficult to stay on that ladder once they begin the climb. It is for that reason the Phoenix Chapter is experiencing the problem it is facing. Although it has been Chapter tradition to follow the leadership ladder mentioned above, it is not a requirement in our Chapter bylaws. The absence of such a requirement is how the Chapter is able to respond to similar situation by finding candidates that havent gone through our informal leadership ladder.

Rushing to put out fires is not a way to run an efficient organization. However, to stay with the analogy, practicing fire prevention is. In other words, having a qualified and willing pool of candidates to run for chapter leadership positions ensures a healthy future for the organization.

Therefore, I ask you: Do you want the CSI Phoenix Chapter to remain a viable part of your professional career? If you answer Ïyes, then I strongly encourage you to consider running for a board position. Speaking of running for board positions_

Elections at the March Meeting

During the March meeting, the Chapter will hold its elections for new board positions. Positions that will be open for nominations are:

  • President-Elect
  • 1st Vice President
  • 2nd Vice President (Open to Professional members)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Professional Director (2008-2010)
  • Industry Director (2008-2010)

If you have an interest in a position, but would like additional information about what the positions duties entail, either contact the incumbent or me. A formal nomination committee will be established this month, so a decision to run for a position is not required immediately, but this is a good time to start thinking about it and become fully informed.

Ronald L. Geren, CSI, CCS, CCCA, AIA, SCIP

Phoenix Chapter President


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