Presidents Message December 2009 Jay Norton, CSI

Presidents Message December 2009 Jay Norton, CSI


To all of those who volunteered at the CSI Booth during Greenbuild in November, my sincere thanks. The people from CSI National that ran the show were very professional and they appreciated having you there to answer all the questions from prospective members about our Phoenix Chapter. We believe that we did recruit several new members for the Chapter.

In addition to e-mail, phone calls, etc you all should know about our fabulous Christmas Party to be held at Moon Valley Country Club on Wednesday, December 9th. This year we are supporting Packages From Home, a volunteer organization that was started right here in Phoenix and is totally directed toward providing our service women and men overseas with much needed items that are in short supply. Please bring a gift or $$ for this very deserving charity. Also bring a ÏWhite Elephant for our annual ÏExchange. If you havent participated before you have missed out on a whole lot of fun. Any questions on what to bring for either of these events just call Jill at The Reference Library.

So far I have a couple of volunteers to be Judges at the Future City Competition from Jan 17th to Jan 23rd (see my November Presidents Message for details) but we could use more. Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested

Im finally hearing from a few of our members that their business is slowly turning around. It looks as if more will be doing the same as we start the New Year. For most of us we now better understand what it must have been like for our parents/grandparents during the Great Depression although thankfully we never reached those depths. Everybody I talk to still says, ÏWere holding our own which shows what great resilience American businesses have.

We have some great programs lined up for 2010 thanks to Ken Martinek. I think everyone will agree that the presentations so far have been extremely informative concerning the various delivery methods for design and construction available today.

We also have a couple of new programs to better serve our membership that are currently Ïin the fire so to speak and I will be addressing them in my January message. Until then, on behalf of your Board of Directors and all those who head or serve on Committees, I wish you and yours a Most Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukkah, Festive Kwanzaa, and above all a very Happy New Year.

Yours for a Better Built Environment.

Jay Norton, CSI

CSI Phoenix Chapter President

CSI Southwest Region

CSI Insitute