Presidents Message August 2009 Jay Norton, CSI

Presidents Message August 2009 Jay Norton, CSI

Greetings all CSI Phoenix Chapter Members and welcome to what we hope will be an enjoyable year for us all, both business wise and socially as well. I hope you all have had a great summer. Those of you who were able to get away to a cooler climate during what was the hottest July on record in Phoenix are the envy of those of us who stayed here and suffered. We'll enjoy hearing about it but please don't rub it in too much.

Ken Martinek has graciously agreed to be the Program Committee Chairman as well as our Past President and he has some great luncheon sessions lined up. The luncheons this past year have been so successful that we decided to go with them each month and dispense with our evening meetings except for our annual Christmas Party in December and the Annual Awards Meeting in June. We will once again be at the Radisson on 2nd Avenue in Phoenix. I think everyone will agree that their staff is top notch. The meals were great and we hope you can attend as many meetings as possible.

Those of you who could not attend the Award Ceremony in June missed a great evening. Once again we met at the Tempe Performing Arts Center which is a fabulous place to have a dinner meeting. Thanks to those of you who included your spouse, significant other ,etc. in the evening. They are always welcome so we get to know them and they learn what CSI is all about. Ken was, as usual, a superb Master of Ceremonies and his Special Awards to those members who kept him from "being thrown under the bus" during his tenure as President were a real hit. As I said in my remarks, he is going to be a tough act to follow but I'll try my best.

It appears that, just as our temperature has been hotter than ever, the economy has once again started to heat up as well. Economists say that the stock market historically recovers 6 months before the end of a recession. If this holds true this time we're half way out because the market has been soaring the past few months from it's March low and has given all indications it is once again becoming a Bull. Hopefully this is translating into business for our members.

As our new Chapter Board begins this new year I want to thank each one of them for stepping up and volunteering to help keep the Phoenix Chapter one of the best within CSI in providing it's members with the best programs and services. Please review the list of Board Members and Committee chairpersons elsewhere in this newsletter. Introduce yourself to each of them at our meetings if you do not already know them and please pass on any suggestions or complaints. Our job is to serve our members but we are in the dark unless you give us some feedback.

Hope you can make our first meeting of the year on Thursday, August 13th. Come early for some networking. I look forward to seeing each of you.

Jay Norton, CSI

CSI Phoenix Chapter President

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