President’s Message, September 2021

President’s Message, September 2021

Jay Harris

Hello, My fellow CSI Phoenix Chapter members!

We start this exciting operational year with a new sense of optimism coming out of the National pandemic that plagued us all over the past year and half.  We have experienced a new “way” of conducting business and forced to adapt to an increase of virtual networking.  To quote a cliché that is used more than most of us care to acknowledge, a “new normal” of looking at how to move forward from here is top of mind for most of our team members as we get closer to ending the fiscal year and starting a new.

As an optimist, I do value this time as a learning experience.   I strive to put into play more aggressive measures of chapter cultivation that hopefully will spawn future growth and operating procedures that will stand the test of time if we ever go through this type of business disruption in the future. 

I come to you as President this year with a 7-year involvement with CSI.  From the first day I joined, I knew this was a special, passionate and dedicated chapter.  My first experience with CSI was directed from one of my co-workers who mentioned involvement with our local chapter to increase knowledge, network and add industry experience to the overall building/construction topics of discussion.  So, I attended my first CSI event and arrived early to “listen-in” to the monthly board meeting taking place prior to the monthly presentation.  The board invited me in with open arms as I sat there at the table not knowing anything about the “business” side of CSI.  From that meeting, I took away a sense of pride felt from the passion expelled from of our leader at that time, Mr. Ed Galindo.  I value that first year of involvement and credit the many members who embraced me as I became more comfortable in taking on additional responsibilities within the chapter (Bobbi Jo Huskey / Teri Hand / Heather Unger / Barbara Faulwetter).  That “I belong” feeling I had when I first joined CSI is the bedrock foundation of operational planning for this new year!

We started this year’s chapter planning with an intensive review of the past two years.  What worked and what could we have done a better job on was the focus.  That strategy session cultivated new ideas we plan to implement this year.  

I would like to recognize our previous president, Barbara Faulwetter, for leading our team during one of the most challenging years in CSI history.  To come into a new presidency at the height of the pandemic was a monumental undertaking and Barbara tackled it with tact, professionalism and organization.  Barbara’s leadership helped stabilize our chapter during a time that could have been extremely debilitating.  Outstanding job Barbara!

As a board, we have agreed to implementing a “TOP 3” list of focused initiatives we feel will help build on the strength of our chapter this year.  Those three initiatives include:

  • Membership – Increased focus on capturing new member professionals from the General Contractor and Architectural / Design trades.  Increased synergy with these groups will greatly enhance our “member trade” balance.  Access to these industry professionals will also increase membership appeal.
  • Social Media presence – This is one area of expertise most of us “seasoned” professionals need help with.  Focusing on our “younger” audience will help increase awareness of our chapter and membership benefits as well as increasing industry connectiveness through the multiple social platforms being used today.  It is time to bring this chapter into the new era of communication!
  • Scholarship Funding – Stewardship of the CSI Phoenix Chapter Scholarship fund is top priority.  Identifying new students and rewarding those that express the will to succeed are focal points as we target new and prospective student members.  We are excited to place special focus on this initiative throughout the year.

Increased activities, events and social networking opportunities will be abundant this year.  All with a focus of adhering to outlined local and state mandates regarding social distancing, this altered state of networking will not hinder our plans for increased activity over last year.

Event participation over the past few years has been “fair” and we can definitely “up-our-game” with member involvement.  To increase involvement, you have the board’s commitment to offer exciting topics of discussion for our monthly meetings, special “focused topic” events and some after-hours networking that hopefully attract increase interaction with our chapter members.  I ask for your help to attend as many of our events and meetings as possible this year.  Let’s grow together!!! 

I close this communication with a quote………”The future depends on what we do today.”  My promise to our members this year is to implement, cultivate and drive a plan for chapter growth.  The strength to a stronger 2022 lies in the work we outline and implement this year.  With your help, we will bring the Phoenix CSI chapter into the new era of operation that will benefit all involved.

Looking forward to a great year (with your help!)

Jay Harris
CSI Phoenix Chapter 2021/2022

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