President’s Message, September 2018

President’s Message, September 2018

“Broaden Our Reach”

Welcome Back! We're fortunate that each September, we get a Fresh Start and a whole new year (well, at least ten months) to make a difference. This is my second term, although not consecutively, as Chapter President. In the intervening time; I was able to consider what I could do differently, in a second term, to better serve the Chapter. The Chapter’s Long- Range Plan includes increasing Member attendance at monthly meetings, increasing Membership, and developing a process to re-establish the Chapter as a “Thought Leader” in the local construction community. All admirable goals, but what is the basis behind this? The “raison d'être.” The reasoning, of course, is CSI’s Mission: “…to advance building information management and education of project teams to improve facility performance.” 

Our Chapter is, and has been, committed to this Mission. 

In July, I presented various avenues for CHANGE (alternatives for communication and participation), with the intent to engage both “seasoned” and “emerging” individuals in the industry. The 2019 Board of Directors, which includes several “fresh faces,” has already started to enact change and are developing alternative options for participation. The overarching goal is to “Broaden Our Reach.” By extending our means of communication we are seeking to re-engage past Members and ensure that we retain our existing Members. By providing alternative means for participation we are hoping to attract the attention of emerging individuals in the industry. Through implementing some of ideas generated by the Board, we will be reaching those in the industry that would benefit from information and education provided by CSI. We want them to understand the value in CSI Membership. 

An important aspect, noted above, is to ensure that we retain our existing Members. To do so, we need to understand how each perceives the benefits of CSI Membership. Which begs the questions, “Why did you join CSI?” “Has being a member, met your expectations?” “Does being a Member provide you with information and knowledge that you can apply in your work? “Is it relevant?” “What would YOU change about our Chapter’s approach?” And finally, “Do you promote CSI Membership to others in the Industry?” 

These are not rhetorical questions. If you would each take the time to provide your responses to the Board, it would prove invaluable in our ongoing efforts. It would give us something tangible to act on, rather than just making assumptions or reacting to a vocal few. 

If you happen to know a former Member that has drifted away and is no longer a Member, please ask them why they are no longer Members? It is always better if a friend or personal acquaintance asks, rather than just someone from a Chapter Committee. Their response could also prove invaluable. 

Finally, please consider telling colleagues about CSI, Membership, and the value that CSI Certifications can provide to their work in the industry. Better yet, bring them to a Chapter meeting, and introduce them. 

We have some very interesting programs scheduled for this year and are looking for hosts for a few “evening socials!” Next month CONSTRUCT will be in Long Beach, California. The Chapter will be receiving an Outstanding Chapter Commendation. Hopefully we will be well represented there, as a Chapter. We are looking forward to hosting the Southwest Region Conference in April. It will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel & Resort (San Marcos Golf Course) in Chandler. Our annual Golf Outing will kick-off the Conference, so please make plans to attend! Don’t forget, the “Arcadia Cup” is always up for grabs. 

Let’s take advantage of our Fresh Start and together we can Make a Difference! 


Ed Galindo

President, Phoenix Chapter CSI
President, Southwest Region CSI

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