President’s Message, October 2018

President’s Message, October 2018


It’s October already! It rolls around so quickly, it’s scary! I guess it’s a good month to be scared, but it too will be over before we know it!

As I write this, I am getting ready to head to CONSTRUCT 2018, in Long Beach. I hope you will be attending as well. If you couldn’t make it this year, PLEASE start planning to attend next year. Although the location for next year’s CONSTRUCT hasn’t yet been announced (they usually announce it at the end of the convention) I am certain it will be a place you will enjoy. More importantly it will be a place where you will be exposed to a lot of new and informative material that will enhance your day-to-day work and capabilities, regardless of the industry segment you work in.

I have attended, more than, my share of conferences over the course of my career. I have stood inside of a booth encouraging people, much like a carnival barker, to stop by and talk for a moment. I have been a presenter, wondering if I made a difference to the people listening to my presentation. AND I have been an attendee. As I look back, the conference that always provided information, that I could readily apply and that made my work either easier or provided additional value to my Clients, was CONSTRUCT. Perhaps that is due to it being reflective of CSI which, I find, provides more value than other industry associations. Nevertheless, you will need to make the effort to attend and decide for yourself. I believe you will find that it is more than worth the investment. I am always concerned about the amount of time that I will be away from the office. Afterwards, I have always been glad that I took the time to attend!

I don’t want to come across as a ‘cheerleader’ and it is certainly not intended as a ‘sales pitch.’ It is just an honest reflection on my experience that I wish to share.

Back to the topic of being scared.

I have often told my son that we are given a limited amount of time on this ‘rock.’ Consequently, we have to make the most of that time; living, learning, working, helping others, and enjoying each day. The scary part is that time seems to go faster and faster, the older we get. Think back about when you were a kid. Summer seemed endless, with adventures, until we were faced with heading back to school. Now, it seems like Spring Training was just yesterday and here it is Football season and the World Series is just a few weeks away! I remind myself, periodically, of the advice I give my son: ‘To make the most of each day.’ What does this have to do with CSI? Well, if you remember, part of CSI’s Mission is the education of project teams and improving facility performance. I thought about this as I prepared for the year and as each month passes, I realize how quickly the CSI ‘year’ can pass. That is what is ‘scary.’ I ask myself: Will we meet our goals? Will we make a difference? We have to make the most of each month to make that happen. We have a plan, but we need the participation of all of our members to make it work. Even a simple thing, like bringing a guest to a meeting, will make a difference.

Help us make a difference! Time goes by quickly!

Hope I didn’t scare you...too much! Happy Halloween!


Ed Galindo

President, Phoenix Chapter CSI
President, Southwest Region CSI

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