President’s Message, November 2022

President’s Message, November 2022

Byron Bargas

Another month into our year has slipped past again, to which we have been fortunate enough to have started on the right foot this year with the successful Halloween bowling event held last month at MAVRIX, of which our success was made via our sponsors who are energized by our Let’s Build It Girls Summer Camp program, of which there may be a few of you who are asking; why don’t we do it for everyone?  To those that would ask such; if the clarity to matters is not clear it never will be, although a revisit to our mission may assist, as we can always use your assistance more so than critique.

Having given our meetings some movement in order to appeal to a wider audience of members our October meeting provided for a great speaker, Mr. Jeff Spies, who provided us with a wonderful view of the world of photovoltaics, or solar.  We appreciate his time and what he had to share as it provided for a lively question and answer session, to which we appreciate from all our presenters.

I would like to take a moment to call everyone’s attention to a few members who are retiring, of which we may not see them around so much.  Pamela Hunt with Dormakaba – 43-years, Jeff Cox with HKS - 14 year CSI member, and Robert Trimble with Armstrong – 38 years.  Let’s all provide them with recognition for their service within our industry as well as for their assistance with CSI – thank each of you for your years of dedication and service to CSI!

Just as these individuals have provided assistance in the past to our chapter it is now time for some newer professionals to start stepping up to the plate and volunteering for committee assignments, etc. to which our chapter is still in need of a secretary, and there are new committee chairs that are being developed as a result of the Let’s Build It program.  No need to wait to see who will step up, just volunteer!

Speaking of volunteers; this is an area where our chapter has seen a marked decline with individuals willing to volunteer and lead, of which we have the same people each year volunteering, of which we are very thankful for.  These individuals are driven by their dedication and commitment towards the mission of CSI, although they are no different than anyone else and therefore they are subject to burn-out, which is why I would like to appeal to each member of our chapter to participate and get involved as this is your chapter, which can only survive if we work together, and therefore I would ask of each member to see if you can find the time to dedicate time towards your chapter and your fellow volunteer members!

I would like to remind everyone that there is an upcoming NOMA meeting on November 8th at the offices of Orcutt-Winslow at 2929 N. Central Avenue, where there will be a panel discussion about the importance of construction documentation and will be held in conjunction with our CSI chapter, please join us that evening from 6:00 – 7:15 for what appears to be an enlightening discussion from our panelist of; Ron Geren, Mark Yarish, Barbara Faulwetter, and Lorna Govier.  Hope to see you there.

Our Christmas party venue has been selected of which you will want to save the date for December 8th as we will have our party at Mon Orchid/Pedal Haus Brewery down around Roosevelt/3rd Street, of which we are looking for a sponsor for our bar so please keep that in mind if anyone has any suggestions or would like to volunteer to head this effort.

With our Halloween event complete it is now time to start gearing up for our annual golf tournament, of which we will hold the tournament on March 30th of next year at The Biltmore, a little earlier than we have hosted it in previous years.  Anyone that has been active with the tournament knows what is at stake and the work involved with hosting the tournament to which I again would like to ask to see some new volunteers this year to lend assistance as it is a great time and fun, beyond the chaos!  We will commence with marketing and media blitzing this month as our goal will be to secure our sponsorships by mid-January, of which our sponsorship packages are being updated as well, and to which we will share shortly.  This year’s event will continue to replenish our scholarship funds as well as creating the funding for our summer camp, which is why the sponsorship packages are being updated, to reflect a change to our goals.  One of the changes we are considering for this year’s tournament is that of providing a polo shirt for each participant, something a little extra!  Any members who may have close contacts with such entities as Weitz, Sundt, McCarthy, Ryan Cos., Clayco, etc. is encouraged to recruit golfers and possible sponsorship from the likes of these entities as each support educational programs associated with our industry and are perfect supporters for our Let’s Build It program, a program that has success abound from the participants to the supporters and sponsors as it provides for a future for an individual, and our industry.  

A quick note on the Spring CDT we will have a couple options for study programs and have had a few volunteer architects step-up to provide the previous 3-day seminar and also a 10 session once a week option, stay tuned for more information…Spring will be here before you know it!

As always, I would like to thank all those that have and do volunteer their time towards the goals and mission of CSI as you are all a crucial element to the continued success of our chapter – thank you!  And to those of you who are about to volunteer and become active with our chapter; thank you for taking the time to dedicate towards your colleagues and our industry, it is very much appreciated.

Byron Bargas CSI
CSI Phoenix Chapter 2022/2023

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