President’s Message, November 2018

President’s Message, November 2018

“Time to be Thankful”

 It’s already November! the month that we set a day aside to give Thanks for our blessings. 

I believe we have much to be thankful for and believe that we should give Thanks each, and every, day. 

I was pleased, and thankful, for information we received from Institute regarding Continuing Education. If you read the Region update from our Region’s liaison to Institute, Jori Smith (Institute Director for the Southwest Region); she advised us that CSI is now an “AIA CEU provider.” This translates into a considerable savings for our Chapter, since the Chapters will not need to shoulder the increased program costs that the AIA is implementing, starting in 2019, as we had anticipated. 

I’ve wondered why CSI has not approached Architectural registration Boards to acknowledge CSI as a direct provider of professional education. I was told that “at one time,” CSI was, or had been in the process of being, such a provider. After all, education is a key part of our Mission and a requirement for Certification maintenance. Additionally, since our membership is comprised of a divergent group of individuals in the construction industry, with a wide range of expertise; I believe CSI is better suited to be a provider of Continuing Education for individuals in the construction industry. 

I find that our programs provide information that is quite valuable in that they consistently include elements that can be immediately applied to day-to-day practice. While listening to presentations at our Chapter meetings, I find myself analyzing the presentations for value to our members that are not Architects. I want to ensure that our programs are of interest, and value, to our entire membership. 

Each year, since I have been on the Board, we strive to make the programs informative, engaging and above all educational. The informative and educational part of that equation is relatively ‘easy’ to establish. The engaging part is definitely more subjective. What may be engaging to one may be totally boring to the next. We often find ourselves in a quandary trying to determine whether one program will be better received than another. We frequently reach to the membership seeking feedback on programs that were just presented and on programs that we are considering. Other than the occasional “Good program, today,” it is exceedingly rare to receive input, or feedback, regarding a specific topic or direction that we should focus on. In some instances, we have prodded the Board for input, and found them similarly reticent to provide input or feedback. 

We now find ourselves as hosts of the annual Region Conference. The Committee is seeking input on the Education portion of the Conference. Wanting to be responsive to the needs of such a divergent group is a challenge. There is no doubt that the Education Sessions will be memorable, as they always are. The question is “Will the Committee receive any input from the Membership?” 

Neither the Chapter nor the Region can react to feedback that is not received. If you have no opinion relative to the programs; please let me pose a different question altogether. 

“What first attracted you to CSI? ” 

I’ll be interested to see your answers. I’ll also be interested to see who responds. 

Please send your responses to 

Let me Thank You for continuing as an integral and important part of CSI. Your support, and participation, is evidence to others that CSI is valuable to those in the construction industry. Beyond the practical application of membership is the personal side of CSI. Friendships formed and fostered as a member may be even more important than the professional value. 

Thank You, my friends. May you, your Friends and Family, have a warm, safe, and blessed Thanksgiving. 


Ed Galindo

President, Phoenix Chapter CSI
President, Southwest Region CSI

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