President’s Message, December 2018

President’s Message, December 2018


It’s still December, SO, Merry Christmas! 

We had a wonderful Holiday Dinner at the Stockyards Restaurant, earlier this month. It was a great way to ‘Kick-off’ the Holidays and a good reminder that CSI is more than our work in the construction industry. 

I have often told others, not familiar with CSI, that members in CSI are more than just colleagues or acquaintances. We become friends whose company we can enjoy at CSI events, like the evening at the Stockyards, at CONSTRUCT, or at the Southwest Region Conference (more on that in a bit!). These friendships carry outside of CSI. We can count on these friends to provide us with information and advice that could be critical to a project’s success, a professional endeavor, or even a personal issue. I have drawn upon this valuable resource in the course of my own work and have provided information and input to those that have sought my insight (hopefully it proved of value to their work). Consequently, we are planning to have more, strictly, social events before the CSI year is over. Our goal is to foster the ‘personal’ side of CSI and expose those that may not yet be members to the less obvious benefits of CSI membership. With your participation; these additional social events will be a success. 

In the midst of our last Board meeting, I realized that the CSI year is more than a third over, already. This realization led me to consider what we have left to accomplish this year, in terms of goals that the Board set during our planning meetings last July and August. A primary goal is to provide ‘alternative means’ for exposure to CSI to help us ‘Broaden our Reach,’ to the local constructi0n industry, AND do this in addition to our day jobs! ‘Alternative means,’ include the aforementioned social events and a larger online presence. The Board remains open to your input and suggestions. 

With the new calendar year upon us, we will soon be facing elections for the FY 2020 Board and continuing to seek volunteers to fill Committee slots. Both of which are crucial to the Chapter’s ongoing success. Perhaps one of your New Year’s Resolutions will be more active participation in the Chapter. I know that one of my resolutions is to seek ‘volunteers’ more aggressively. Consider volunteering BEFORE we approach you, to ‘volunteer!’ 

Which brings me to the topic of the Southwest Region Conference, which we are fortunate to be hosting this year. Fortunate, as it will be more accessible, due to its proximity. You will be able to attend without having to go to the airport and get on a plane. This is a reminder, BEFORE the start of the New Year, to allow you sufficient time to allocate time and funds to attend the Conference. Having attended several Region Conferences, I can attest to both the professional and social value provided. In addition, we are linking our Annual Golf Event with the start of the Conference. This is a great opportunity to engage colleagues and clients, with CSI, starting with golf and expanding through an educational session, or two. 

My most recent Client told me that my participation in CSI was a key component in their determination to retain me. Talk about added value! This certainly reinforced my belief in active participation in CSI. It also reinforced one of my New Year’s resolutions: To help the Phoenix Chapter CSI, however I can, with its ongoing success! 


Ed Galindo

President, Phoenix Chapter CSI
President, Southwest Region CSI

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