Damaging Effects of Reflective Heat

Damaging Effects of Reflective Heat

Submitted by CSI Phoenix, Technical Committee
John R. Campbell, CSI, CCCA, RA, LEED AP; Jeff Cox, AIA, CSI, LEED AP; Jim Nisted, CSI, LEED GA, AWCI CEP; Mike Barker, CSI

Death Rays! Sounds like science fiction, but is it? What is the science behind recent headlines? A building in Las Vegas burning guests and melting objects in the pool area. The "Walkie Talkie Building" in London melted parts of a car, parked on the street.1 This study sought to examine objectively, illustrate in understandable terms, and provide repeatable data, regarding potentially damaging effects of highly reflective surfaces on buildings. Hopefully, this will help prevent your project from making the news. It will also examine how even a small project can have problems, if highly reflective materials are not oriented properly.

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