CSI Member Spotlight Report - February 2022

CSI Member Spotlight Report - February 2022

Lisa Barnard

Name:  Lisa Barnard

Position Title:  Senior Manager Marketing Activation & Sustainability

Company:  GCP Applied Technologies

Join Date:  Joined CSI Phoenix:  03/2019


  • Brief description of professional career

ANSWER – I made a mid-career shift in 2008 from working in advertising as a creative director to sustainable construction. My first job in construction was with Green Ideas a local sustainable consulting firm, then went to work for BASF for almost 10 years, first to start the Center for Sustainable Construction, then business development at BASF Master Builders representing the entire portfolio of construction materials in Divs 3, 5, 7 & 9. In 2019 I moved to GCP Applied Technologies as an Account Manager for admixtures representing all of our customers in AZ. I was promoted 2/1/2022 to Senior Manager Marketing Activation and Sustainability -- so representing our entire concrete business for North America. I’m excited for the change!


  • What is your most memorable construction project you worked on and why?

ANSWER – My most memorable construction project was Sofi Stadium in Inglewood, CA home of the Rams and Chargers. I was onsite as the project dug down 100 ft to overcome FAA issues given it was in the flight pattern for LAX and watched as it slowly made its way above ground. It was awe inspiring watching the structural engineering and redundancies designed in to accommodate the seismic issues faced in SoCal. 


  • What are some challenges you face in the industry?

ANSWER – Concrete is very much male dominated industry so it has been interesting being the first and for a while only admix account rep for our company. Women are certainly holding more and more positions in the field in concrete and in construction generally but when I first started people at the plants certainly weren’t expecting me to show up as their rep.


  • What has been your biggest benefit of being a CSI PHX chapter member?

ANSWER – CSI has been an amazing learning experience for me. Everyone has always been so willing to share their knowledge, experiences and connections. Paul Simonson was one of those individuals, who just had a love for specifications and it really impacted me. It was so sad to lose him last year. 


  • Tell us three interesting things about YOU that we would not learn from your LinkedIn profile?

ANSWER – 1) I was a semi-pro mountain biker on the NORBA circuit (National Off Road Biking Association) and raced cross-country in the US for several years in the early 2000s. 2) I was an adventure guide for a number of years as well – took AZ tourists mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking and canyoneering. 3) I grew up traveling the world – as part of my dad’s career in the Air Force we traveled/lived all over the world and the US. I definitely have the travel bug as an adult. My favorite and most unique experience has been in India! 


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