Caulking and Sealing Information

Caulking and Sealing Information

Submitted by Jim Nisted, Dryvit Systems, Inc. for publication by CSI 3/6/2018.
Originally published on Technical Services Information Bureau in January 2008, updated in May 2017

GENERAL INFORMATION: Most caulking materials are classified as a waterproof filler and sealer. Properly applied caulking will seal joints and cracks from the intrusion of water, air, dust, insects, pollution and noise. Choosing the right caulk and correctly applying it will reduce failures by keeping shrinkage and splitting to a minimum.

CHOOSING THE CORRECT CAULK: Understanding the characteristics and limitations of caulk is vital to the caulking's performance. How the caulk will react to ultraviolet light and it's compatibility to the substrate are two important factors in determining your selection. Another essential factor to consider is whether you are using the caulk indoors or outdoors. Using certain types of caulk indoors may emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) impacting the air quality.

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