Board Meeting Minutes May 10, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes May 10, 2018



DATE:                May 10, 2018

TIME:                 10:30 AM  

LOCATION:      DoubleTree Suites Hilton


ATTENDANCE(P = Present; A = Absent)



President                                 John Campbell           P

President Elect                        Eduardo Galindo         P

1st Vice President                   Joe Parenza                A

2nd Vice President                  Heather Unger             P

Secretary                                Kelly Reese                P

Treasurer                                 Teri Hand                    P

Director 16-18                          Terry Vaughan            P

Director 16-18                          Dennis Keane             A

Director 17-19                          Dorothy Shupe           A 

Director 17-19                          Trevor Pan                  P

Past President                         Bobbi Jo Huskey       P




Programs                                 Bobbi Jo Huskey       P


Membership                            Jay Harris                   P


Professional Development      Heather Unger             P

& Academic Affairs                                                      


Certification                             John Campbell           P


Technical                                 Jim Nisted                   P 


Awards                                    Mark Yarish                 A


Scholarships                                                               V


Fundraising                              Terry Vaughan            P


Media/CommunicationTammy Stevens                     P



Call to Order:                       10:33 AM by John Campbell

                                                 Meeting agenda was circulated to attendees by email.  


Treasurer's Report:             Teri Hand emailed the bank statement, which indicated a checking cleared balance of $ 11,415.67 and register balance of $ 13,190.94 as of April 24, 2018.  Savings end of April $ 30,057.62


                                                We received the $500 for the Regional conference award and deducting $320 for signage.


President's Report:            John Campbell stated that membership was up 7%.  Projection per Bobbie Jo was that we should be saving money this year due to the golf tournament.  

                                                CSI Trifold printing – Jay said that the new size and design was a nice job!  Software and templates are included so if we need to get more printed or edits for inserts we can do this locally.  We were not going to pass on the main trifold costs that the inserts would be the only costs that Tucson chapter would incur.  The 500 printed sets would be used to give to our vendors and get to contractors and architects, to get with Jay for copies.


Committee Reports:


Awards:         Mark Yarish, submitted for the Phoenix Chapter website for the award nomination.  We were not able to get any others this year.  I suggest we get others to help for next year so we could get Innovation for Construction Award nominations.  Really need people with connections or with variable ways of achieving these letters that are required.  Start earlier as well.


                        Scholarship: No report. 


                        Technical:     Jim Nisted stated the website was requesting technical reports.  He also stated he received 3 tech reports to post on the website.  Plus he was working on the verbiage, photos of the study that was being done.  Also that Tremco has capability of testing for moisture and air barriers.


                        Programs:     Heather

                        CDT Spring Seminar update:  Skip was working to get recordings edited.  She was also working on quotes for this work.  FMS IT was one of them.  So far one person was interested in Fall classes.

                        CDT certification would require 24 hours for renewal and would be coming up in 2021.  50% of that could be from attending meetings and balance with training. The cost would be $140 per/3-year period.



                        Professional Development/Academic:  

                        Heather said she was talking with CJ Robb MCC, regarding scholarship applications.


                        Certification:No updates


                        I Cube:           Ed stated we were doing this next year.  Will be getting with Trevor before September to confirm sponsors.


Fundraising:Terry Vaughan said Golf date was secured for April 5th.  Has 144 golfers with 8 am start.  Noted Corn Hole Tournament would be good for a November event which was talked about with Mesa Harley Davidson sponsor.  We would need to get started on the planning if we are to do this year.


Media/Communications:Tammy has reached out to the golf sponsors on the website advertisement.


                        Membership:Up 7% this year per John Campbell

                        New Business:  

Terry Vaughan said the installation on Madison Elementary would be commissioned in the fall. Core Construction, Demers Glass, Sage was the manufacturer.  This could be one of the Innovation Award nominations.

Ed said the committee members would need to be verified if they were staying for next year.  


President………………..Ed Galindo

President-Elect……….Jaime Garrido

1stVP……………………..Heather Unger

2ndVP…………………….Barbara Faulwetter

Secretary……………….Kelly Reese

Treasurer……………….Teri Hand

Director 17-19…………Trevor Pan

Director 17-19…………Dorothy Shupe

Director 19-21………...Mike Barker

Director 19-21…………Alan Minker


Bobbie Jo said the Pecha Kucha would be June 14that 4:30 PM which will have food trucks, cocktails until 6 pm.  Three Architectural firms;  Orcutt Winslow Partners, CCBG and DWL would present the 20 slides ea finishing by 6:45 PM. Then there would be announcements and acknowledgements.  Tammy would be adding this on the website.


Adjournment:                        Terry Vaughan motioned to adjourn.  Teri Hand seconded.  

                                                Meeting adjourned 11:28 AM.


 Minutes of meeting submitted by Kelly Reese, Secretary

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