Board Meeting Minutes March 2, 2023

Board Meeting Minutes March 2, 2023


CSI – Phoenix Chapter Board

Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting brought to order –Jaime Garrido – called to order 11:07
  2. Introduction – Announcements: Jaime Garrido - New members joining – thank you Mark Ramos for creating the new member flyer!
  3. Approve board meeting minutes 2/2/23 First – Jeff Nielsen, Second Don Zanrozzo


  1. Board Member Positions /Attendance Quorum Confirmation (5 minutes)
    1. President – Jaime Garrido                                                                                                                          P
    2. Pres. Elect – Minnie Robles                                                                                                                        A
    3. 1st VP – Brooke Montelongo                                                                                                                     P
    4. 2nd VP – Mike Barker                                                                                                                                       P
    5. Secretary – Heather Unger                                                                                                                        P
    6. Treasure – Teri Hand                                                                                                                                     P
    7. Past President – Jay Harris                                                                                                                         A
    8. Director (2021-2023) – Jeff Nielsen                                                                                                      P
    9. Director (2021-2023) – Don Zanrosso                                                                                                P
    10. Director (2022-2024) – Jaime Garrido                                                                                                P
    11. Director (2022-2024) – Tammy Overgaard                                                                                     A

Total of 7 are in attendance – quorum is present.


  1. Chapter Committee Chair 
    1. Education Committee – Barbara Faulwetter                                                                                  A
    2. Technical Committee - Mark Ramos                                                                                                   P
    3. Programs Committee - Bobbi Jo Huskey                                                                                          P
    4. Membership Committee - Ryan Barry                                                                                                A
    5. Awards Committee – Jeff Nielsen                                                                                                         P
    6. Media/Communications – Tammy Stevens                                                                                    A
    7. Publicity – Ryan Berry/Brooke Montelongo                                                                                   P
    8. Events/Fundraising-Frank Thomas (Golf)                                                                                        A
    9. Events/Let’s Build Girls Camp – Minnie Robles/Heather Unger                                         P


  1. Committee Chairs – Confirmation (5 minutes) – Allow for each chair to provide a brief report on their activities, etc.
    1. Programs – Bobbi Jo Huskey – March Panel discussion for City of Phoenix, Glendale, and Surprise for CIP focused projects. Need a moderator (Jay?) to ask questions and need ideas for questions.   Need the presenters Power Point presentations so we can review them to pull questions from. 

ASU Tour is all set for 4/20 from 5-7 PM. Calendar registration page request sent to Tammy/Scott. 

Jaime/Brooke – Architekton logo on flyer for ASU tour?   Need contact for logo use at McCarthy.  Jaime to contact for use of both logos.  Brooke – if McCarthy is not participating in the tour, maybe they should not be on the flyer?  Jaime- high visibility project.

April, LGD Design Build presentation, May – Ron Geren for Specs and Codes updates. June- Project spotlight How infrastructure and economy effects construction. – Brooke has contacts for Designers interested in presenting.   

Jaime question on June spotlight – can we increase the number of firms and decrease the time to 10 minutes for the presentation?  Bobbi Jo to review and table for future discussion.  

Need something stellar for the September meeting!  October – maybe Metro Center demo and use of removed materials – reuse/ recycled etc.   Side note -Paying for meetings through constant contact e-mail you can pay and RSVP through the e-mail Brooke is sending this out.  

Special events/tours need this to be promoted, and social media feedback for all of these events!   Need communication for Louise to keep RSVPs tracked. More attendance and membership is the goal of our quality programs.


  1. Membership – Ryan Berry- New CSI cards printed.  Working with ASU for Student membership, talking with head of master’s program.  Coordinating with Bobbi Jo for meeting at Ryan companies for networking with CSI. 


  1. Professional Development & Certification/Education – Barbara Faulwetter – Jaime Garrido – CDT boot camp is coming up, 24-26 February.  We do have registrants who have paid for the camp via PayPal account.  Send CDT camp info to your groups!  CDT website for flyer to share on all media sites.


  1. Academic Programs/Student Advisor – Jaime Garrido/Heather Unger – Heather met with EVIT directors of Electrician and Construction for 


  1. Technical - Mark Ramos & Matthew Zang –Mark update..


  1. Awards – Jeff Nielsen/ Heather Unger – Jeff working on Distinguished member award for Ron Geren with CSI.  Neil and Ron Mark Ramos is on board at ASU, would like to get an honorary doctorate for Ron Geren to discuss with Neil.  Start dialogue with ASU and other colleges.   Review OCC status with Heather on Monday.


  1. Golf Tournament Fundraising – Frank Thomas/ Bobbi Jo - Jay Harris covers financials and sponsorship details.  Collecting funds from golfers already registered.  Sponsors reviewed; we are a bit behind compared to last year at this time.  We typically get a push in the last month prior to the event.  More sponsors and golfers are coming!


  1. Publicity – Ryan Berry- Brooke/Ryan – Brooke working on social media presents – added 20 followers in Instagram/Linked In.


  1. Events/Fundraising – Ryan Berry/Byron Bargas Bobbi Jo - See bullet h. Golf Tournament Fundraising 


  1. Golf Tournament Fundraiser (5 minutes)
    1. Scheduled for March 30th - Need to finalize rates we will charge & sponsorship packages.
    2. Rates - $150 members, $180 non-members – Confirmed?
    3. Ideas for raising additional funds?

                                                                                              i.         Raffle night stay or round of golf

                                                                                            ii.         Gift basket raffle – donations

                                                                                         iii.         50/50 Raffle

                                                                                         iv.         Alice Cooper Guitar Raffle

                                                                                           v.         Mulligan sales

                                                                                         vi.         Air Cannon hole

                                                                                      vii.         Need more women golfers!

  1. Bobbi Jo, need vendors to golf with Architects to form a foursome.   Need more manufacturers who want to golf.  Minnie will send to roofers sending out to ARCA to send to membership. 


  1. Meeting Locations (5 minutes)
    1. Jaime Garrido - Reminder - We will be meeting at The Reference Library this year, please note times.  


  1. Let’s Build Construction Camp (10 minutes) - event is July 10-14th
    1. Committee lead – Minnie Robles Co-chair & Heather Unger Co-chair 
    2. Funding – CSI seed money ($2,500), application has been submitted. Minnie confirming
    3. Location – Carpenter’s Union to provide mock-up location for FREE!  Will need to manage donations, need more volunteers to help with this.
    4. Sponsorships Letter – need templates to edit for Phoenix Chapter information.
    5. e.          Heather confirming on sponsorships with NAWIC, Clark Dietrich, Sherwin Williams, Simpson Strong Tie,
    6. Safety Track – Cody Cassano will develop the safety lesson for all camps to maintain continuity from program to program.
    7. Budget - $15k - $20k.
    8. Had a great meeting with Pennsylvania – met with team to review camp details
    9. Event includes – wall assembly – no windows the first year to keep it simple.

                                                                                              i.         20 Girls – need a Camper’s mom/ or dad to keep track of the girls.

                                                                                            ii.         Need a lunch coordinator/ breakfast snacks.

                                                                                         iii.         Need a transportation coordinator.

                                                                                         iv.         Need speakers – during lunch sessions – keep it lively so they don’t glaze over.

                                                                                           v.         Wednesday will be the field trip.

                                                                                         vi.         Need t-shirt sponsor – bright colors.

                                                                                      vii.         Safety coordinator needed- may have this already.

                                                                                    viii.         Last day for Media/ City Mayors in at lunch?

                                                                                         ix.         City funding?  Not enough time and constraints on coordinator for this

                                                                                            x.         Budget – have this from Pennsylvania chapter – working on refining this.

                                                                                         xi.         CPR certified safety coordinator?  Stipend for Nurse / mom?

                                                                                       xii.         Insurance – need details to Teri Hand to obtain a COI through the chapter. Approx. $1,000

                                                                                    xiii.         Need volunteer for clearances with Campers – fingerprint cards? Minnie checking on this.

  1. ATAS event raised $ from Mulligans, anonymous donor, and ATAS employees.  Total from event: $3,571


  1. Treasury report - Teri Hand – Current chapter financials update
    1. Current bank statement not yet received for review.
    2. Paypal – LBCC is not on separate account in our books, we don’t plan to open one.
    3. Jaime-need to establish an audit committee of 3 members to review and approve statements and payments to verify / audit the chapter spending and income– need Directors to volunteer.  Don Z has volunteered.  
    4. Jaime – taxes filed?  Teri mentions our accountant will file them.


  1. Future Cities – Heather

                                                                                              i.         Scheduling pick-up of award to present to the team-pending from representative.

                                                                                            ii.         Schedule team to present their city in next Chapter meeting April may work best.

                                                                                         iii.         Jaime Garrido volunteers as a judge for next year’s event!


  1. Round Table – 
    1. Don Z-gearing up for SW regional conference in NM.  Check with Robin Snyder for attendance numbers.  End of April, great programs scheduled, check the SW chapter Website for details, more details next month.  Jaime is attending and is looking forward to it again.


  1. Tammy Overgaard is no longer in chapter, so not in Director position, need to nominate a new Director. 
  2. Jaime Garrido – CSI discussion boards- participation.  Interesting discussions, sign up for them!  Would like to cover this topic in a future meeting.
  3. Jaime- conversation regarding a physical address for CSI Phoenix.   Other chapters on discussion boards are connecting with AIA or other organizations to establish a PO box.   Bobbi Jo- we mail golf checks to the Reference Library.  We haven’t needed a physical address in the past.  Jaime-we as a chapter should have a place to keep our files/virtual?  TRL should not be that address, need our own.  
  4. Bobbi Jo-we do have a g-mail account for the chapter for communication. Jaime-meeting minutes and other chapter documents-bylaws etc... should be stored on the website. Under resources our documents are stored here.   Need to add board meeting minutes for the public to view. 
  5. Drop box for monthly fee from CSI chapter funding?  Bobbi Jo has several docs to share and store there for use by the chapter.  Financial reports should be filed in that type of storage as well.  

We need to have this central location created as and accessible for the board to use as an ongoing storage and reference tool for years to come. Google drive?  More conversation needed on this point in next meeting.  


  1. Closing (5 minutes) –Jaime moves to adjourn; Bobbi Jo and Minnie seconded the motion.   Meeting adjourned 12:02


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