Board Meeting Minutes June 1, 2023

Board Meeting Minutes June 1, 2023


CSI – Phoenix Chapter Board 

Meeting Agenda 

1. Meeting brought to order –Jaime Garrido – called to order: 11:05 

2. Introduction – Announcements: Jaime Garrido • CSI Phoenix Board and Committee Chairs retreat – Recap – i. Reviewed Chapter bylaws and Policy handbook – noted updates needed to review in strategic meeting in June. 

• Met with Bobbi Jo- Meeting on 6.8 prep/ awards are ready to present for membership appreciation. 

• Have 2 social events - / 2 building tours – manufacturing event/project tour – combine this with Ron Geren Distinguished member award presentation. 


3. Approve board meeting minutes 5/4/23 First – Minnie Robles, Second-Jay Harris Minutes approved. 

4. Board Member Positions /Attendance Quorum Confirmation (5 minutes) • President – Jaime Garrido P 

• Pres. Elect – Minnie Robles P 

• 1st VP – Brooke Montelongo A 

• 2nd VP – Mike Barker-Stepping out end of 2023 A 

• Secretary – Heather Unger P 

• Treasure – Teri Hand P 

• Past President – Jay Harris P 

• Director (2021-2023) – Jeff Nielsen A 

• Director (2021-2023) – Don Zanrosso P 

• Director (2022-2024) – Ron Staas – Welcome!

• Director (2022-2024) – Mark Ramos – Welcome!


Total of 6 are in attendance – quorum is present. 

5. Chapter Committee Chair • Education Committee – Barbara Faulwetter A 

• Technical Committee - Vacant 

• Programs Committee - Bobbi Jo Huskey A 

• Membership Committee - Mark Ramos A 

• Awards Committee – Jeff Nielsen A 

• Media/Communications – Tammy Stevens A 

• Publicity – Brooke Montelongo A 

• Events/Fundraising-Frank Thomas (Golf)/Jay Harris A 

• Events/Let’s Build Girls Camp – Minnie Robles/Heather Unger P 


6. Committee Chairs – Confirmation (5 minutes) – Allow for each chair to provide a brief report on their activities, etc. 

• Programs – Bobbi Jo Huskey o June 8th -Project Spotlight/Member appreciation meeting - Maurita Harris PHX Architecture 


Omar Bailey-Shepley Bulfinch, Natalie Schuetz-RSP Architects - Location/Venue Papago Golf, Evening meeting. 5:30 – 7:30. 

o June 14th – Board Strategic meeting at ATAS 

o July/August-Summer break/Strategic planning 

o September 14th -Affordable Housing ART 

o October 12th -Repurpose, Recycle, Reuse with George Wadding 

o November 9-Codes vs. Design with Ron Geren and Jones Studio 

o December 14th-Holiday Party 


• Membership – Mark Ramos - Absent 

• Professional Development & Certification/Education – Barbara Faulwetter – Jaime Garrido Update on CDT camp and other certification training. o Exam cycle for fall of 23 ends mid Dec. Start tutorials in Mid-July by appointment. 

• Academic Programs/Student Advisor – Jaime Garrido/Heather Unger–CSI scholarship is listed on EVIT website. o Have CDT reimbursement/scholarships for that? Advertise this and apply the finances at the time. 

o Scholarship applicant approved for 2023 - Sudha Unnava 

• Technical –vacant position 

• Awards – Jeff Nielsen/ Heather Unger – Jeff working on Distinguished member award for Ron Geren with CSI. Neil and Ron are on the board at ASU, would like to get an honorary doctorate for Ron Geren to discuss with Neil. Start dialogue with ASU and other colleges. Need to have a special event for Ron to receive this award with CSI chapter funding. Review OCC status with Heather. 

• Media/Communications – Tammy Stevens- absent 

• Publicity – Brooke - Absent 


7. Events/Fundraising – o Golf Tournament Fundraiser (5 minutes) Update – Jay Harris – working on 2024 

o Regional conference in Tucson – combine with this a smaller golf tournament there. 

o Hold separate golf tournament in PHX – communicate with Frank to lock in date with Biltmore. 

o Regional conf. income goes to the SW region, not chapters. Need architects and GC firms from there. 

o Southwestern theme, tons of activities to do. Center around these to create interest. 

o Don Z – botanical garden tour – send info to Jay. 

o Bone yard tour – Jay Pima air museum. 

o Jaime- observatories for night-time event? Mt. Lemon? 


8. Treasury report - Teri Hand – Sent • Provided Current chapter current banking statement update on checking and savings amounts. 

9. Round Table Items- • 

10. Closing (5 minutes) – Move to adjourn Jaime– First, Jay Harris and Second, Don Z Meeting adjourned: 11:32 

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