Board Meeting Minutes January 11, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes January 11, 2018


DATE: January 11, 2018 

TIME: 10:30 AM 

LOCATION: DoubleTree Suites Hilton 

ATTENDANCE (P = Present; A = Absent) 


President John Campbell P 

President Elect Eduardo Galindo P 

1st Vice President Joe Parenza A 

2nd Vice President Heather Unger P 

Secretary Kelly Reese P 

Treasurer Teri Hand A 

Director 16-18 Terry Vaughan P 

Director 16-18 Dennis Keane A 

Director 17-19 Dorothy Shupe A 

Director 17-19 Trevor Payne A 

Past President Bobbi Jo Huskey P 


Programs Lisa Brown A 

Membership Jay Harris P 

Professional Development Heather Unger P 

& Academic Affairs 

Certification John Campbell P 

Technical Jim Nisted P 

Awards Mark Yarish A 

Scholarships V 

Fundraising Jeremy Gustafson P 

Media/Communication Tammy Stevens A 

Call to Order: 10:35 AM by John Campbell 

John announced the Holiday party was a success. Meeting agenda was circulated to attendees. 

Treasurer's Report: Terry Vaughan addressed the issue with the Golf Tournament funds that were still missing, approximately $600. No information could be obtained on who the checks were from. This subject was determined as unresolved. 

Teri Hand emailed the bank statement, which indicated a checking balance of $6,667.66 as of December 26, 2017.2 of 3 

President's Report: John Campbell requested that the Board review the member list of the real estate group which was forwarded to him from Joe Parenza. This will be circulating to identify new member prospects. John would like to see someone would develop a written “script” that could be used as a brief introduction/solicitation piece for new members. 

Committee Reports: 

Awards: No report. 

Scholarship: No report. 

Technical: Jim Nisted stated meeting good outline articles, but same sources. Specification writers keeping it general only. Need to reach out to get others interested for the articles. 

Programs: Jay Harris mentioned if we decided on whether to be involved with the AIA Exhibit (typically in Oct) as the costs were high. Also that it was not economical for Louise to work on this due to the fees. 

Bobbie mentioned that the April program needs to be swapped out. ASU – Jake would be presenting, March would be Revit, and that they were booked through November with exception of April mentioned. 

Panel discussion for September for 2-3 min per speakers with slides. 

Christmas event, discussions were that lower cost such as the $50/guest cost were better to keep interest vs the $65/guest. 

Professional Development/Academic: Heather reported a CDT training session will likely be held at TRL prior to the CDT exam in mid-April and will confirm with presenters, etc. and determine date for training sessions. Dates were for late February or early March. TBD. Suggested to have Kelly Reese discuss experience and process used to pass the exam, including study group arranged. 

Heather has requested information on the Student Chapter organization from Institute but has not heard back. 

Heather to follow up at February meeting on MCC student chapter update. Classes for specifications, curriculum discussing with Mark on other programs. 

Heather also had recently participated in a webinar focused on website communication. 

Certification: A list of successful applicants has not yet been distributed. It was noted that at least two of the last seminar participants have passed the CDT exam. There were 8 attendees to the fall course that was offered. 

I Cube: Eduardo Galindo brought up future cities, format, late date, no participation this year for student level and that front end is better. City was to build it whether it would be temporary or permanent location. 

Fundraising: Terry Vaughan mentioned the Golf Tournament would be held April 6 at San Marcos. Discussions were to reach out to Earnhardt to get a vehicle donated for a hole in one prize. Possibly obtain a motorcycle prize for a hole in one as well. We need to get as many sponsors to make this a successful event. Joe Parenza mentioned he would be available to meet the week after next. Also that we needed to get the flyer on our website. Tammy is to email requests to get swag/bags/golf bags, etc… 

Jay Harris finalized with John Campbell on the vendor table tops for March. Sending out notices $125/ea with 2-3 min included for speeches’ and to put the flyer on the website. 

Media/Communications: No new information. 

Membership: No report3 of 3 

New Business: Ed noted that the Regional Conference will be held in Las Vegas April 19-21. Robin or John would mention this during the luncheon today. 

Adjournment: Ed motioned to adjourn. Jim Nisted seconded. Meeting adjourned at 11:25AM. 

Minutes of meeting submitted by Kelly Reese, Secretary

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