Board Meeting Minutes December 3, 2020

Board Meeting Minutes December 3, 2020

FY 2020-2021 Board Meeting Minutes 

December 3rd, 2020 

11:00 am - 12:00 pm 


ATTENDANCE (P = Present; A = Absent) 


President Barbara Faulwetter P 

President Elect Jay Harris P 

1st Vice President Byron Bargas 

2nd Vice President Gary Martinez A 

Secretary Ken Meloy P 

Treasurer Teri Hand P 

Incoming Director Mike Barker P 

Director 19-21 Lisa Barnard P 

Director 19-21 Pamela Hunt P 

Past President Heather Unger P 


Programs Bobbi Jo Huskey P 

Membership Jay Harris P 

Professional Development Barbara Faulwetter P 

& Academic Affairs 

Technical Lisa Barnard P 

Awards Jeff Nielsen P 

Scholarships Don Zanrosso P 

Fundraising Frank Thomas A 

Media/Communication Tammy Stevens P 

1. Call to Order 

  • • By Barbara Faulwetter at 11:02 am 


2. Adoption of Meeting Minutes 

  • • Accepted o 1st by Teri Hand 
  • o 2nd by Tammy Stevens 


3. Adoption of Agenda 

    • Adapted as sent by Barbara Faulwetter o 1st by Teri Hand 



    • o 2nd by Tammy Stevens 


4. Treasurer’s Report: Teri Hand 

  • • No statement so no report 
  • • Reviewed expenses 
    • Confirmed what is needed for Holiday Party Chapter Officers input to Chapter By-Laws and Policy Handbook Bobbi Jo reports By-Laws are updated. Has copy of this. Policy Handbook needs a lot of work! 
    • Bobbie Jo will circulate to Board. Target 1/5/2021 returned to Barbara and Bobbi Jo 
    • Reviewed waiver for Christmas Party. Moving forward w/party even if it ends up small. Waiver required to attend the party. No objections to the party 
    • • Objections to the waiver • Is it needed? Isn’t this like a restaurant kind of? 
    • • Bobbi Jo will bring CSI pens. 
    • Barbara will oversee waiver thing 
    • Six (6) Month review of current board. Feedback on how we are doing at halfway mark: Send anything and everything to Barbara 
    • Jay-what value are we bringing to the entities we service, architects and vendors? 2020 has been a reset/setback type year. Every dollar looked at different. Overall fantastic job. 
    • Jeff-start on an environmental type award for the recycling company. 
    • Jeff-email for Outhandling Chapter SILVER LEVEL. Badge to attach to our email 
    • Heather: spreadsheet regarding task & task ownership of OCC types. Needs updating from each owner of each task please. 


5. President’s Report: Barbara Faulwetter 

6. Awards Report: Jeff Nielsen 

7. Fundraising Report: Jay Harris 

  • 4/1/2021 golf fundraiser is a go. Under contract. No other new developments. Activity will pick up as we get closer to the event. 
  • Addt’l revenue via giveaways and budget decisions during the event. 


8. Media Communications Report: Tammy L. Stevens 

  • Emailed change for Holiday Party and email blast sent 
  • Loop Barbara in on all updates 



  • • Prepping for new year updates to website 


9. Membership Report: Jay Harris 

  • Nothing new 98 paid Members (15 Spec Writer; 29 Architects; 6 GC’s; 45 Manufacture Rep) 
  • $425 per year for AZBEX for advertising not their database. Originally up to a $2k fee. Should help w/marketing. Nice save Jay! 
  • Linkedin speaker: targeting April or May. Date will be set by next meeting. 


10. Programs Report: Bobbi Jo Huskey 

    • Holiday Party 12/10 @ TRL. Still on!!! o Bartenders scheduled 
    • o Looking for sponsors Mike Barker offered two (2) $100 
    • o High Tops. Liquor. Heater. Bobbie Jo is on it! 
    • o 4:00 pm for setup 
    • o Extra masks will be provided 


11. Technical Report: Lisa Barnard 

  • Planning meeting in Oct 
  • • Another tour maybe in Q2. 
  • Brief Tech meeting this past month, heading in that direction. Trying to figure out how to capture more people. Create more dialog. 
  • • Will update website 
  • • Podcast: o Middle of editing 
  • o Waiting for track back for institute 
  • o Two (2) interviews of Spec Writers that have some experience 
  • o Publishing plan with Tammy and Scott where that should sit on the web 


12. Professional Development: Barbara Faulwetter 

  • Behind some here. 
  • Shared that SmithGroup would like to move toward CDT certs. 
  • • Working on plan to promote CDT dates 


13. Open Forum 

  • Dodge like forecast was discussed amongst the group. 


14. Next Chapter Meeting: January 14, 2021 at Papago Golf Course, 11:30 am 

15. Next Board Meeting (Holiday Party): December 10th, 2020, 5:30 PM at The Reference Library. Starting w/cocktails! 

16. Adjournment @ 12:01 am 


  • 1st- Barbara Faulwetter 
  • • 2nd- Teri Hand 

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