Board Meeting Minutes August 17, 2023

Board Meeting Minutes August 17, 2023


CSI Phoenix Chapter Board 2023-2024 

Strategic Planning Meeting 

Meeting Agenda 

1. Meeting brought to order Minnie Robles called to order at 11:19 

2. Introductions • Welcome new and incumbent board members! 

• New – Derek, John, Clarissa, Ron and Mark 


3. Announcements: • 2023 CSI National Conference Oct 4 – 6 in Minneapolis MN Hyatt Regency Minneapolis i. 

ii. Honoring Distinguished Member Ron Geren! 

iii. Education sessions will be eligible for CSI and AIA Learning Units with a downloadable certificate following the event. 

iv. Room block is reserved Room rate $209 + tax is available until Sunday, September 3 OR whenever the block is filled. 


• Minnie and Jeff will be going. 

• Let’s build camp and CSI are re-branding the camp. Minnie will be speaking at the conference on this topic and attending the leadership conference. 

• Need further discussion on a local celebration for Ron Geren-Distinguished member award. 

• Phoenix Chapter does support to cover costs for President and immediate past president, or secondary attendees as approved by the board and included within the annual budget. Attendees receiving reimbursement shall provide an article on the knowledge they acquired at the conference for inclusion in the chapter newsletter. 


4. Jay Harris – SW Region President • How to get CSI National more involved with the chapters. i. Check website for exposure to National events/ education. 


• Changes in CSI structure. 

• SW Regional Conference 2024 will be held in Tucson! Phoenix chapter will be involved in planning and include the golf tournament scholarship fundraiser in that event. 

• No dates /location yet, need more participation – making this a fun event. 

• Need to include the Tucson chapter. 

• More Architectural training. 

• More vendor participation 

• Robin-Late April works best typically-first 3 weeks of April, checking hotels. 5 proposals as of this week. Lodge of the Desert – most affordable in 2017. Golf course right next door. 

• Minnie-How can we support this effort? Support with volunteers and education sessions. Later in the fall. 




• Other chapters in SW region? Salt Lake, Vegas. 

• Pikes Peak is hosting 2025. 

• If we have reps in those areas get them involved in CSI throughout the SW. 

• Robin-Salt Lake and Denver offer virtual options, offer these opportunities to the other chapters. (Piggy-back) a bit with other chapters to show value. 

• Jaime-Free to members but charge for others. 

• Bobbi Jo- we don’t have that many virtual attendees now. 

• Minnie-trial run for this option? 

• Jaime-National website log-in then link to meeting, do this for the Phoenix website, Salt Lake, etc… 

• Brooke-may want to limit this since we are trying to grow our chapter. 

• Minnie- We offer different programs to draw more attendees in, we could try it for 1-2 meetings. First meeting for guests maybe? Need access to link with website / meeting link. 

• John-Value of meetings is more architects and specifiers in these meetings. Architekton tour as an example. Big draw to “show off” their work, and boost participation. 

• Minnie-Not a virtual meeting 

• Jaime-Bring a guest for free? Love the tours too, with social event after-happy hour. In addition to the monthly meetings. Tour Pima Community College-DLR. 

• Minnie-we will support the other chapters with virtual meetings. 

• Robin-once a quarter would be great. 


5. Board Member Positions /Attendance Quorum Confirmation (5 minutes) 


Total of 9 are in attendance – quorum is present.


Board Position 



Minnie Robles 



Brooke Montelongo 

President Elect 


Jeff Nielsen 

1st Vice President 



2nd VP 

Heather Unger 



Teri Hand 



Jaime Garrido 

Past President 


Jeff Nielsen 

Director 23-24 


Mark Ramos 

Director 23-25 


Clarissa Aguilar 

Director 23-25 


Ron Stas 

Director 23-25 


Jay Harris 

SW Region President 


Robin Snyder 

SW Region Secretary 



CSI Southwest Region

CSI Insitute