Board Meeting Minutes April 6, 2023

Board Meeting Minutes April 6, 2023


CSI – Phoenix Chapter Board

Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting brought to order –Jaime Garrido – called to order 11:05
  2. Introduction – Announcements: Jaime Garrido 
  • Reminder of April chapter meeting with NAWIC next week at the TRL
  • Remember the building tour on 4/20 coming up.  There’s a lot of excitement around this event, and the happy hour after for marketing.
  • Barbara – Question is that NAWIC the next chapter meeting?  Yes.  Does this focus still pertain to Design/Build, is this a panel discussion?  Presentation is still Design/Build presenter with NAWIC in joint attendance.  Creates synergies between our organizations. 
  • Last meeting attendance, online and in person.? Need to capture screen shot of on line attendees.
  1. Approve board meeting minutes 3/2/23 First – Jaime Garrido, Seconded-Jay Harris.  Minutes approved.


  1. Board Member Positions /Attendance Quorum Confirmation (5 minutes)
  • President – Jaime Garrido                                                                                                                          P
  • Pres. Elect – Minnie Robles                                                                                                                        A
  • 1st VP – Brooke Montelongo                                                                                                                     P
  • 2nd VP – Mike Barker                                                                                                                                       A
  • Secretary – Heather Unger                                                                                                                        P
  • Treasure – Teri Hand                                                                                                                                     P
  • Past President – Jay Harris                                                                                                                         P
  • Director (2021-2023) – Jeff Nielsen                                                                                                      P
  • Director (2021-2023) – Don Zanrosso                                                                                                P
  • Director (2022-2024) – Jaime Garrido                                                                                                P
  • Director (2022-2024) – Tammy Overgaard Need new director                                          A

Total of 7 are in attendance – quorum is present.


  1. Chapter Committee Chair 
  • Education Committee – Barbara Faulwetter                                                                                  P
  • Technical Committee - Mark Ramos                                                                                                   A
  • Programs Committee - Bobbi Jo Huskey                                                                                          P
  • Membership Committee - Ryan Barry                                                                                                A
  • Awards Committee – Jeff Nielsen                                                                                                         P
  • Media/Communications – Tammy Stevens                                                                                    A
  • Publicity – Brooke Montelongo                                                                                                             P
  • Events/Fundraising-Frank Thomas (Golf)                                                                                        P
  • Events/Let’s Build Girls Camp – Minnie Robles/Heather Unger                                         P


  1. Committee Chairs – Confirmation (5 minutes) – Allow for each chair to provide a brief report on their activities, etc.
  • Programs – Bobbi Jo Huskey 
    • April Updated presentation joint meeting with NAWIC attending– Design /Build program
    • ASU Tour is all set for 4/20 from 5-7 PM. Calendar registration page is on CSI Phx website. 
    • Bobbi Jo reviewing with Brooke to send out the latest program updates.


  • Membership – Ryan Berry/Mark Ramos - Coordinating with Bobbi Jo for meeting at Ryan companies for networking with CSI.  New Members totals will be updated in chapter meeting next week.  Need to check in with Ryan on his participation.  


  • Professional Development & Certification/Education – Barbara Faulwetter – Jaime Garrido Update on CDT camp and other certification training.   Participation has been thin, but still focused on OCC goals, meeting with Jeff (awards chair) next week.  One Student did pass her CCS based on the training.   Exam cycle for fall of 23 ends mid Dec.  Start tutorials in Mid-July by appointment.  Get with Tammy Stevens (Communications Chair) to advertise this.  Coordinating with Albuquerque chapter on CDT training.   CDT boot camp was canceled for lack of participation.  One person-young Architect was not happy.  We will move forward with this program again in the fall, even with one student commit and follow-through.  One to one training is good approach for CDT training.
    • Chapter will provide the PDPG for CDT for purchase by students via our website for $140.  Motion to sell the books on our website?  First – Jaime, Second Bobbi Jo.  Board approves this motion.


  • Academic Programs/Student Advisor – Jaime Garrido/Heather Unger–CSI scholarship is listed on EVIT website.
    • Have CDT reimbursement/scholarships for that?  Advertise this and apply the finances at the time.
    • Did we do TOSA scholarship? 1 last year.


  • Technical - Mark Ramos & Matthew Zang –Mark absent.


  • Awards – Jeff Nielsen/ Heather Unger – Jeff working on Distinguished member award for Ron Geren with CSI.  Neil and Ron are on the board at ASU, would like to get an honorary doctorate for Ron Geren to discuss with Neil.  Start dialogue with ASU and other colleges.   Need to have a special event for Ron to receive this award with CSI chapter funding.  Review OCC status with Heather on 4/10


  • Media/Communications – Tammy Stevens- absent.


  • Publicity – Brooke working on social media presents – added 20 followers in Instagram/Linked In.  AIA support on their website for our chapter meeting.  100 followers, postings for chapter meetings and April tour on Instagram.  


  • Events/Fundraising – 
    • Golf Tournament Fundraiser (5 minutes) Update – Jay/Frank – Great turnout, more participants this year 8-10 more golfers than last year!    Next year may change the check-in and money collections.  Need to streamline that process.  All funds not going to scholarships, other chapter funding is generated here.  Great job to the committee and all volunteers for another great event!   Final tally for chapter income: 


  1. Treasury report - Teri Hand – Current chapter financials update on checking and savings amounts.  
  • CDT reimbursement - $500 per passing student

                                                                                              i.         Bobbi Jo moves to cover 8 people CDT ($500 each) with $4,000 in the budget for the Scholarships fund. Jaime seconds the motion.   Need follow-up on details in the next meeting.

  • Institute will no longer cover lunch money and how this affects our meetings $$

                                                                                              i.         For those who don’t attend now per member, funds are not there to cover other chapter expenses.   Is $20 enough to cover this?  Is everyone there putting in their money for the lunches?  All attendees need to pay for lunches when they attend. Jaime will announce this in next meeting.

  • Who should pay and who should not (guests) - need to pay for levels of membership accordingly.  Need to pay for your level applied for and do you qualify for that? Need follow-up on this in next meeting.
  1. Round Table Items- 

Jaime – 

  • Would like to have a board and committee chairs retreat.  Need more brainstorming and sharing of ideas.  Spend a bit, but this is needed for us.  Are we receptive to this? 
  • Motion for this event to occur a Friday and set aside $500 in early May?  Jaime Garrido motions, Jeff Nielsen Seconds
  • AIA/CSI more collaboration with our organizations needs to happen.   Need to collaborate with all organizations that are congruent with CSI.  
  • Schedule meeting to review this with committee TBD. 
  • Monthly electronic newsletter development (discussion)

                                                                                              i.         Research on other chapters, need to follow-up on this point.

  • I have been receiving offers from DLR/ others to host our meetings.  The benefit is networking, we should discuss this and would help decrease costs.  Concerns about moving the meeting?  Consistency in location?  We’re about manufacturing, construction, design, etc.  Becomes a benefit to network with all of these different industry representatives. 
  • Ideas for meeting programs with a lessons learned panel discussion with Architect, owner, GC, Manufacturer.  One our courses online CSI national is doing that, we need to get more creative to offer topics/programs that are not online.  Or Akron, OH product show with installation mock-up of product.  Trade show for CSI Phoenix, Jaime will get details to share.
  • Teri to send financial reports to board for official review.


  1. Closing (5 minutes) – Move to adjourn – First Jaime Garrido, and Second Bobbi Jo.   

Meeting adjourned: 12:23

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