Board Meeting Minutes April 12, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes April 12, 2018


DATE:                April 12, 2018

TIME:                 10:30 AM  

LOCATION:      DoubleTree Suites Hilton


ATTENDANCE(P = Present; A = Absent)



President                                 John Campbell           P

President Elect                        Eduardo Galindo         P

1st Vice President                   Joe Parenza                A

2nd Vice President                  Heather Unger             A

Secretary                                Kelly Reese                P

Treasurer                                 Teri Hand                    A

Director 16-18                          Terry Vaughan            P

Director 16-18                          Dennis Keane             A

Director 17-19                          Dorothy Shupe           A 

Director 17-19                          Trevor Pan                  P

Past President                         Bobbi Jo Huskey       P




Programs                                 Bobbi Jo Huskey       P


Membership                            Jay Harris                   P


Professional Development      Heather Unger             A

& Academic Affairs                                                      


Certification                             John Campbell           P


Technical                                 Jim Nisted                   P 


Awards                                    Mark Yarish                 A


Scholarships                                                               V


Fundraising                              Terry Vaughan            P


Media/CommunicationTammy Stevens                     P



Call to Order:                       10:36 AM by John Campbell

                                                Motion and accepted for last month’s meeting minutes. 

                                                Meeting agenda was circulated to attendees.  

                                                John expressed his appreciation to all who managed the Golf Tournament.


Treasurer's Report:             Teri Hand emailed the bank statement, which indicated a checking cleared balance of $ 7,877.55 and register balance of $ 6,112.16 as of Feb 26, 2018.


                                                Terry Vaughan addressed the Golf Tournament funds net was $9,448.08.  Great turnout!  Had to turn away participants.  Few issues with site login/registration.  



President's Report:            John Campbell stated too many were showing up the the luncheons and were not RSVP so the staff was not happy with coming up with meals not accounted for. Need to re-stress members needed to RSVP TRL if they were attending.  This was to be mentioned at the luncheon as well.

                                                CSI Trifold printing – Jay was to get invoice to Teri and then Pam Hunt would pick them up since she goes to CA regularly (at no cost).  This would save about $300 for shipping costs.  John was talking with Louise that the software was free, and had discussions regarding the artist template vs inserts.

                                                The calendar needed to be edited as it was not posting the board meeting and luncheon information correctly.  The BD meeting was in twice and not showing the luncheon.

                                                Ed mentioned that members needed to update their information and that a web instruction and hyperlink should be emailed to all.

                                                A special meeting with John and Terry needed to occur to discuss the Ad’s for next years Golf sponsor Ad’s information so it was understood what was to be included and where.  The advertising for this years sponsors needed to be worked out where and what could be shown as there were 12 (4 Gold, 8 Platnum) to be resolved.


Committee Reports:


Awards:         John said he emailed Mark and that he was working on this year’s nominations with the group.  He would be reaching out to the group to start this process.


                        Scholarship: No report. 

                        Technical:     Jim Nisted said he would like to get new publications that would be non-propriatary which would require the authors permission. Kelly said she has someone that does school security and code items and would reach out to her.  She typically does the National level reports and other publications.

                        Programs:     Heather sent in the following by email.

                        CDT Spring Seminar update:  Webinars recorded with video, audio, and PP with GoToWebinar.  Skip Burnaham recorded and has files.  8 attendees, no webinar participants.

                        Scheduling editing sessions with Neil, Paul and Ron for Webinar segments.

                        Obtain quotes from Scott Goldsmith and others (FMS IT contact) to edit the video files and send to Scott

                                                Scott to post as webinars with PayPal link on Phoenix CSI website.

                                                Ed mentioned the SW Regional Conference April 19-21.  

                                                Bobbi Jo talked about the upcoming presentations



                        Professional Development/Academic:  

                        No luck with contacting CJ Robb MCC Design Director – phone calls and emails sent, no response.

                                                Any suggestions for other Academic contacts?

                                                Items to present to Educators

  • BE Prep course for CC faculty
  • Student membership/MCC industry board / others? Jay and Heather.
  • Other upcoming opportunities – Contacting Institute to research


                        John mentioned CDT was a certification and the process was changing.  This was requiring credits to maintain.

                        I Cube:           No updates.



                        Terry Vaughan mentioned the Golf Tournament next would need to go after signs, water and snacks in addition to this years gifts and sponsorships success.  

                        Requested that we get the issues of paying/registration on the website fixed.  Couldn’t tell if it worked and would have to see if the email came though.  Was easier to call it in.

                        Media/Communications:Tammy was going to work on the issues mentioned.

                        Membership:No report

                        New Business:  

Ed noted that the Regional Conference will be held in Las Vegas April 19-21.  

John and Ed mentioned the ballots for Director(s), 1stVice Present, Treasurer, and Secretary were to be passed out at luncheon.

John mentioned the printing costs for Tucson Chapter should be passed on to them.

Gary Campbell expressed thank you to all as he was in his final days working and living in Arizona.  His move was schedule in a few weeks to Florida for his retirement.


Adjournment:    Ed motioned to adjourn.  Terry seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 11:05 AM.


 Minutes of meeting submitted by Kelly Reese, Secretary

CSI Southwest Region

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