Attachment of Cold Formed Steel to Concrete Structures

Attachment of Cold Formed Steel to Concrete Structures

Submitted by Jim Nisted, Dryvit Systems, Inc. for publication by CSI 9/23/2016
Originally published on Technical Services Information Bureau in October, 2008.

Code requirements for bracing, resistance to transfer loads and seismic considerations of non-load bearing partitions are based on ASCE and ASTM standards. Many of the allowable options for bracing of these non-load bearing partitions are covered in TSIB Technical Bulletin 20.100.

Attachment of floor and ceiling tracks (top and sill) to concrete and/or metal pan decking shall comply with ASTM C 754. Attachment of track to non-load bearing partitions to concrete substrates may be attached using power driven/actuated fasteners (see detail).

ASCE 7-05 prohibits the use of power actuated fasteners in tension load applications for Seismic Design Categories D, E and F, unless approved for such loading. Authorities do not consider attaching tracks (top and sill) of non-load bearing partitions as a tension load.

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