Air and Water Resistive Barriers

Air and Water Resistive Barriers

CSI Phoenix, Technical Committee
Mike Barker CSI; Jim Nisted CSI, LEED GA, AWCI CEP; John R. Campbell CSI, CCCA, RA, LEED AP; Jeff Cox AIA, CSI, LEED AP; Mike Bourassa; Walt Hitchcock; Jaime Garrido

Rigorous attention to details with the correct selection, installation and coordination of air and waterresistive barrier systems is one way to avoid awkward and potentially expensive meetings on the back end of projects. The myriad of products available, all claiming to be the answer, adds to the confusion. Air barriers, water-resistive barriers, openings, architectural features, transition membranes, sealants and substrates and exterior finishes must all coordinate with and be compatible with each other. They must also meet the code and perform as intended. An understanding of the uses, potential conflicts associated with air and water-resistive barriers and proper planning could help avoid that awkward meeting.

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