Acoustical Lay-in Type Ceilings (Per IBC – Seismic Design Category D, E&F)

Acoustical Lay-in Type Ceilings (Per IBC – Seismic Design Category D, E&F)

Submitted by Jim Nisted, Dryvit Systems, Inc. for publication by CSI 4/13/2016
Originally published on Technical Services Information Bureau in August, 2009.

This document covers the installation practices recognized by the Technical Services Information Bureau (TSIB) for installation of a suspension system for a lay-in acoustical tile ceiling compliant with the 2009 International Building Code (IBC). The practices listed herein are for ceilings in Seismic Design Categories D, E or F. Refer to TSIB Technical Bulletin 40.100 for Seismic Design Categories.

American Society Civil Engineers (ASCE)
American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM)
California Building Code (CBC – 2007)
Ceiling and Interior Systems Construction Association (CISCA)
International Building Code (IBC)


  • These recommendations are intended for suspended ceilings to receive lay-in tiles not weighing more than 4 pounds per square foot including grid panels/tile, light fixtures, air terminals and other accessories supported by the suspension system. (ASCE 7-05 item
  • The suspension system for lay-in ceilings shall not be used to permanently brace non-load bearing partitions, unless approved by an engineer. Attachment to the suspension system for alignment purposes is acceptable. (ASCE 7-05 section Refer to TSIB Technical Bulletin 20.100 for bracing options.
  • All main runners are to be heavy duty (HD) rated. (ASCE 7-05 section
  • Suspension systems shall be installed per manufacturer’s recommendations.

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